Definition of sighted in English:



  • 1(of a person) having the ability to see; not blind.

    ‘a sighted guide is needed’
    ‘both the sighted and the visually impaired’
    • ‘A group of blind men asked a sighted person to lead them.’
    • ‘Lip-reading, it seems, is useful to all sighted people, including those with normal hearing.’
    • ‘In the stands, a crowd of largely blind or partially sighted students whoops as a sighted commentator relays the action.’
    • ‘Three blind people and a number of sighted people took part in the fundraising jump, which involved training that morning before the crew took to the skies.’
    • ‘It is his memory, above all else, that has enabled him not merely to compete with sighted ministers but to outperform them.’
    • ‘Just like sighted people, a blind child must learn to develop his or her physical capacities.’
    • ‘To a sighted person, reading Braille seems to be difficult and laborious, yet, intriguingly, Kleege describes it as natural and pain-free, and even skim reading is possible.’
    • ‘Hill, who works for the Guide Dogs for the Blind, will be running the New York Marathon for the fourth time in November - this time as a sighted guide for a blind runner.’
    • ‘Some sighted people lose much of their eyesight as they age.’
    • ‘Action for Blind People is also after friendly volunteers, in this case to serve as sighted guides for excursions and activities over the Christmas period at the Windermere Manor Hotel at Windermere.’
    • ‘His company, Traveleyes, pairs blind people with sighted travellers who, in return for a 25% discount on their holiday, act as guides.’
    • ‘At the entrance of the Exhibition Hall is a dark tunnel that serves as a reminder to sighted visitors to leave behind their dependency on vision in order to appreciate what lies ahead.’
    • ‘Several of my sighted friends agree with me that noise pollution has, in fact, increased in the past twenty years.’
    • ‘Mike Newman, 41, smashed the world land speed record for a car driven solo by an unsighted man, taking the title back from a sighted man with experience as a racing driver who set the record by wearing a blindfold.’
    • ‘As the sighted child of blind parents Gareth Owens has always regarded the task of translating complexities into simple language as his birthright.’
    • ‘Paired with sighted skiers, the blind skiers were taught on the flats how to make right and left turns.’
    • ‘The scheme was originally thought up by Plymouth Argyle Football Club, who were the first club to set up a commentary to relay information to blind supporters by a sighted fan who sits next to them in the crowd.’
    • ‘Lisa is one of two blind judo competitors in the Midwest who compete against sighted athletes.’
    • ‘The precautions taken to warn the public of the danger were adequate for sighted persons but not for the blind.’
    • ‘But even so, despite all the resources available, the range of reading matter they have is greatly restricted compared to what is on offer for sighted people.’
    1. 1.1in combination Having a specified kind of sight.
      ‘the keen-sighted watcher may catch a glimpse’