Definition of sight line in English:

sight line


  • A hypothetical line from someone's eye to what is seen (used especially with reference to good or bad visibility)

    ‘the authorities require good sight lines at road junctions’
    • ‘Harrison follows your eyes, as if you're an NFL quarterback staring at a receiver, and he intercepts your sight line with an answer before you can complete the question.’
    • ‘If need be, says Wilson, they will change the addition to a canopy and columns, to regain the sight line and the pedestrian flow.’
    • ‘Even beyond Lorette, that system isn't exactly flawless, Kowalchuk noted, because there isn't a clear sight line of the city.’
    • ‘A pass-through overlooking the sink provides that sight line between cooks in the kitchen and guests lolling in the family room without revealing the clutter behind the scenes.’
    • ‘Then, just a few minutes later, in my peripheral sight line, I catch the waiter timidly approaching my table.’
    • ‘The broken ones have signs saying ‘Out of Order’, posted approximately six feet up, well above most people's sight line.’
    • ‘‘It's more of the concept of a golf course, where you're cutting through trees and doing a sight line, then siting the greens,’ he said.’
    • ‘As we reached an overpass, we got a clear sight line of the burning North Tower.’
    • ‘A ribbon of windows along the north facade provides a sight line to the adjacent pond.’
    • ‘The buses also obscure the sight line for downhill traffic to the single lane restriction on Station Road.’
    • ‘A driver travelling westbound on Drew Road approaching the intersection of Tranmere Drive has a sight line of 100 meters to the intersection once he/she exits from the curve to the north.’
    • ‘The original road had vertical curves, poor sight lines, and off-pavement slopes 70 to 80 feet deep with no shoulders.’
    • ‘Specifically, they plan to narrow some roads, blur the pavement edges, remove the white lines in the centre of the road, and plant trees to remove sight lines.’
    • ‘The barely opened door in this work denies the presumed point of access, just as the pivoting mirrors reflect aspects of the installation and the viewer's sight line back onto themselves.’
    • ‘Buckner and Gaffin removed a freestanding living room fireplace - also not part of the original design - to open up the sight line between front door and garden.’
    • ‘However it has blocked the historic sight line to Tyn Church in the Old Town square.’
    • ‘Yes, of course, the council needs to get the grass cut if it's obscuring sight lines at busy junctions, but give them credit where it's due for innovations which are adding to road safety.’
    • ‘True, you can occasionally wiggle around in the pew to establish a clear sight line between the large heads and broad shoulders of the taller folks in front of you.’
    • ‘Nile's sight line didn't shift an inch, but she knew from Laurel's tone that her eyes were watery, her thoughts shaky.’
    • ‘There was also concern that the height of the houses would interfere with the birds' flight paths by restricting their sight lines.’