Definition of Sigatoka in English:



mass noun
  • A fungal disease of banana plants characterized by elongated spots on the leaves, which then rot completely.

    The fungus is Mycosphaerella musicola, subdivision Ascomycotina

    • ‘The genetic uniformity among Cavendish bananas has made them helpless to fight Black Sigatoka.’
    • ‘Since bananas are a staple crop and a major export in developing countries, Black Sigatoka is placing a heavy toll on their food security and export economies.’
    • ‘Among the fungal diseases most prominently found in Africa is the Sigatoka complex comprising two types: black and yellow Sigatoka.’
    • ‘The first threat is a fungal disease called black Sigatoka, which has become a global epidemic since it first appeared in Fiji in 1963.’
    • ‘Black Sigatoka, also known as black leaf streak, is common on bananas in sub-Saharan Africa.’


1920s: named after a district in Fiji.