Definition of sieve tube element in English:

sieve tube element

(also sieve tube member)


  • A sieve element of a type present in angiosperms, a series of which are joined end to end to form sieve tubes, with sieve plates between the elements.

    • ‘Other cell types classified as vascular tissue, such as sieve tube elements and companion cells, did not conduct light efficiently in either stems or roots.’
    • ‘Strands of cytoplasm called plasmodesmata connect the sieve tube element and companion cell.’
    • ‘The protoplasts of adjacent sieve tube elements are interconnected through the sieve plates.’
    • ‘We found that there was a direct relationship between vigor and the size of sieve tube elements in wood of old trees, but no correlation was found in young trees.’
    • ‘The active transport causes an osmotic pressure within the sieve tube elements that is about twice as high as that of the surrounding cells of the vascular bundle's sheath.’