Definition of sieve-like in English:



  • See sieve

    • ‘For years, I had passed that proud old building, lying behind a sieve-like camouflage of trees and a towering grey wall, not noticing the grandeur of the magnificent school, or the role it has in providing for its children.’
    • ‘He then accompanied me downstairs to take a look at the increasingly sieve-like nature of my bathroom ceiling.’
    • ‘Most commonly, humpbacks are solitary diners, eating a diet of krill - a shrimp-like crustacean - and plankton, which they filter through hundreds of sieve-like plates called a baleen.’
    • ‘Since then my life has comprised days of an aching body and nights of sleeplessness - long hours spent listening to the icy wind scraping crackly leaves along the paving and rattling doors in the sieve-like structure I call home.’
    • ‘Currently the zoo pumps water from the Braamfontein Spruit into a sieve-like catchment tank, which starts the purifying process.’