Definition of siding in English:



  • 1A short track at the side of and opening on to a railway line, used chiefly for shunting or stabling trains.

    • ‘Another old steam era operations feature were doubling sidings, short single-ended tracks.’
    • ‘Loaded with brand new Peugeot and Citroen cars bound for Scotland, the train was diverted into sidings at Oxenholme where it continued to burn.’
    • ‘The hostel is easy to find: You leave the train siding by the one path available and walk into the side of the cliff where there is a tunnel.’
    • ‘Industries often had to fight for the right to have their own siding since the railway preferred to concentrate cars in one place on team tracks.’
    • ‘We made good time out of San Antonio and saw lots of freight trains on the sidings.’
    • ‘At 7: 50 PM we reversed direction and backed onto the siding track closest to the station.’
    • ‘They live in shanties and slums, on the water-logged lands, railway sidings and in all other kinds of vulnerable areas.’
    • ‘The train was shunted onto a siding and wreckage was strewn along 200 yards of track.’
    • ‘The standard stated that generally, these warning posts were to be placed not less than 100 feet nor more than 300 feet from a structure over the main line and mainline sidings.’
    • ‘Special trains were shunted into the sidings about twice a week with building materials for the aerodrome which was being built then.’
    • ‘This track that at first looked like a siding was instead a mainline track.’
    • ‘City of York Council chiefs are to screen opinion for the viability of a new train care facility at a former refuelling depot on railway sidings, to the north side of Leeman Road.’
    • ‘Work is speeded up on the railway sidings into the camp.’
    • ‘Most of the sidings have a train heading either east or west.’
    • ‘Most of the action seemed to consist of switching standard gauge box cars to and from the industrial sidings served by the narrow gauge.’
    • ‘But double-tracking from Stockton up through Lodi would be too difficult because there are already rail sidings along the main tracks, he said.’
    • ‘Shortly after that, we took the siding for train 14 to pass.’
    • ‘Some trains stop in the sidings to allow other trains through, but they never stop at the platform.’
    • ‘Siemens plans to build the centre with works, access and car park on railway sidings at the former York Depot Refuelling Facility, off Leeman Road.’
    • ‘At Steeton railway station at a quarter to five on the morning of October 11, 1943, the Leeds-Edinburgh express collided with a freight train being shunted into a siding.’
    1. 1.1North American A loop line.
      • ‘Express train has to run through siding (loop) because freight is on main.’
      • ‘If this is the ‘wrong’ direction the train has to continue until it reaches a loop where the locomotive can run round its train and then cross over onto the opposite line, in this case the southbound up line, and then run back past the siding.’
    2. 1.2South African A scheduled stop on a railway line, often in open country, for farming produce to be loaded and passengers taken on board.
      • ‘As we were going through the Mount-Royal tunnel at the start of the trip, and whenever we came to a siding, station or junction someone would say something interesting about it.’
  • 2North American mass noun Cladding material for the outside of a building.

    • ‘The buttery yellow exterior - a mix of stucco and siding - provides a colorful backdrop for the new landscaping.’
    • ‘Contemporary railing features a combination of redwood tongue and groove siding and sleek brushed stainless steel piping.’
    • ‘Powerwashing has gained wide acceptance as a method of cleaning and restoring the surface of wood siding and decking prior to refinishing.’
    • ‘A bracket included with every piece is designed to allow the artwork to hang level on walls made of stone, stucco, clapboard, siding and brick.’
    • ‘On the outside of the house, stucco replaces non-natural materials like vinyl siding.’
    • ‘You wouldn't know by looking, but the Thomases' vines disguise some imperfections in the stucco siding.’
    • ‘Stucco and cedar-shake siding wrap the entire exterior, as do divided light (true and simulated) windows.’
    • ‘In some areas, permanent wood or metal diagonal bracing may be required if you are not using plywood sheathing or siding.’
    • ‘Homes built from 1920 to 1960 might contain asbestos in floor tiles, siding, or pipe insulation.’
    • ‘In the case of plywood siding, look for areas of delamination - separation of the layers of plywood - or for overlap seam that may be working loose.’
    • ‘The original two-story house combined brick, plaster, and board-and-batten siding into a hodgepodge of disparate details.’
    • ‘Like those of the home, the exterior materials - rough-sawn cedar siding and oxidized sheet steel - blend with the colors of the landscape.’
    • ‘The vine attaches itself with clinging tendrils, which can be difficult to remove from wood siding and mortared brick and stone surfaces.’
    • ‘Caulk is used on window and door frames, siding, corner joints, foundations, and almost any area in which you find a seam or crack.’
    • ‘Where farms still exist, wooden barns have largely been replaced by modern, tightly sealed farm buildings of corrugated metal siding.’
    • ‘My people lived in tarpaper shacks with plywood siding and five-gallon drums for heat.’
    • ‘For the exterior finish, Joe and Audrey selected low-upkeep hardboard siding and no-paint vinyl-frame windows - factory options.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the site's designers could not resist the urge to affix multiple kinds of siding to some buildings in order to push the illusion of variety.’
    • ‘For aluminum siding, any surface oxidation must be completely removed by careful, light rubbing with steel wool.’
    • ‘The climbing wall was covered with tongue-and-groove wood siding turned backward, resulting in strong, smooth walls without grooves.’
    cladding, veneer, skin, decorative layer, protective layer, surface, facade, front, fronting, false front, coating, covering, dressing, overlay, revetment, paving, lamination, inlay, plating
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