Definition of sidewise in English:


adverb & adjective

  • another term for sideways
    • ‘For two decades, his career movements were crablike, sidewise.’
    • ‘The view is angled sidewise and up towards a drop ceiling, and is partly obscured, giving the video feed a decidedly covert look.’
    • ‘Rebecca shot a sidewise look at Jadrien, who looked like he was swallowing a laugh as he directed an innocent look at her.’
    • ‘The program doesn't identify the young Frank, but they've found themselves an Eastwood lookalike, down to the lowered head, quizzical look and sidewise wrinkled grin.’
    • ‘She attempted to curtsy, but ended up keeling over sidewise, as she was already sitting on the ground.’
    • ‘The showing of the face from a frontal position indicates a good person, whereas an enemy is shown sidewise.’
    • ‘The optical drive is hidden behind a small, flip-down door, and is mounted sidewise if you use the case in a tower configuration.’
    • ‘He pays me a sidewise glance, incredulous brows knitting an ambiguity, finding it almost unsporting to fold and venture a smile of concession.’
    • ‘Josh shot a sidewise glance at Cecilia for a hint; she just shrugged it off and kept her mega-watt smile on her face.’
    • ‘Casting Caleb a sidewise glance, Desmond noted that it was a lovely day.’
    • ‘It was a little maddening to kneel down as he knelt down, put my hands on the ground as he did, bend down on one arm as he did, and then flop over sidewise while he executed a graceful forward somersault.’
    • ‘Technologies advance vertically to higher levels of performance and complexity, but they also advance horizontally or sidewise into new markets and applications.’
    • ‘Then he pushed himself gently forward and moved out with the sidewise paddling motions of a fat turtle.’
    • ‘If there isn't enough bank for the wind, insufficient lift is deflected to the right for the required ‘tugging power,’ and the plane still drifts sidewise with the wind.’
    • ‘I was fascinated by his size and his sidewise movements.’
    • ‘He turns his body sidewise and rests his legs over the left armrest, leaning his head against the cushy backing of the chair.’
    • ‘At times I could hardly understand their porridge-thick accents, but I recognized a familiar sense of humor: a sidewise glance that spots hypocrisy head-on.’
    • ‘I feel rather… empty, she thought calmly, glancing sidewise at Jadrien.’