Definition of sideward in English:



  • another term for sideways
    • ‘I also note the sidewards glances that one receives from airport security staff when I do my best to look sinister.’
    • ‘A woman notices him and begins to eye him, giving him sideward glances.’
    • ‘Any direction you can imagine - upwards, downwards, or sidewards - electrons can do it.’
    • ‘She saw me from a sideward glance and continued packing.’
    • ‘Another sidewards glance at other areas of her life at this time sees her threatening to seize the cattle of tenants for non-payment of rents.’
    • ‘The deltoid and supraspinatus are involved in shoulder joint abduction, in which the arm is moved outward and upward in a sideward plane.’
    • ‘So the movement associated with Cancer is a strange one; there is a sense of hesitancy, a sidewards approach to things, and an element of moving forwards whilst not looking squarely at what lies ahead.’
    • ‘A sideward glance saw Steven walking along without a care in the world.’
    • ‘Eventually she just shrugged her shoulders and gave her brother a sideward glance.’
    • ‘He wore loose fitting jeans and a simple beige and white t-shirt with a sideward trucker hat.’
    • ‘She's too stubborn to settle down’ he said giving me a sideward smirk.’
    • ‘This compound exercise also develops strength for the multijoint movements involved in sports that require both forward and sideward arm motions.’
    • ‘Then she opens her eyes to check with sneaky little sidewards glances.’
    • ‘She whispered something to him, gave him a quick peck on the cheek then strode past me without a sideward glance.’
    • ‘Sales figures aside, he is pleased that he evades loose categorisation and believes that writers should hone their craft without a backwards or a sidewards glance.’
    • ‘I saw a few sideward glances exchanged in the audience.’
    • ‘I tilted my head and gave him a sideward smirk; well it was more of a confused lopsided grin.’
    • ‘Mostly his head was down in the water, breathing every second stroke with a smooth sideward head movement.’
    • ‘‘Yes,’ she answered, with a sweet sideward glance.’
    • ‘If the head movement causes the eyes to reach the limit of comfortable sideward gaze the eyes make a fast, compensatory movement to the central position.’


  • another term for sideways
    • ‘I stared straight ahead (It was really the side, as I was sitting sideward, but you get my drift…).’
    • ‘I watched him from the corner of my eye, as he occasionally looked sideward at me, before glancing back on the road.’
    • ‘With a swift horizontal strike using his sword, the assassin deflected the broken pieces of wood sidewards away from him, letting the fallen parts of shattered furniture clatter away towards his right.’
    • ‘Jane's face flushed in irritation as Hanna stepped sideward to avoid hitting her but in the quickness of her action, she instead bumped on the nearest chair.’
    • ‘She gazed sideward down the steep face at the mist which still hung imposingly below them.’
    • ‘Sailfin molly females show an obvious set of mate-rejection behaviors: They escape from males by fast swimming, move their body sideward to avoid a gonopodial thrust, or press their body to the bottom.’
    • ‘Blonde hair came into view when I looked sideward.’
    • ‘It is tough and frustrating when the rough is knee-high and the rain and the wind are coming in sidewards.’
    • ‘It is a strong ligament but can be sprained or completely torn when the straightened leg is twisted at the same time as being knocked sidewards.’
    • ‘LeeAnne sat sidewards while Garland dug in his pocket.’
    • ‘Feeling a little curious, Aquaria shifted her eyes ever slightly sidewards to observe Nogar.’
    • ‘Glancing sidewards, Harry found his older sister engaged in conversation with Ryder's drummer, Tim.’
    • ‘A year shunts life forward or shunts it sidewards.’
    • ‘He raised his arms ready to attack the lady, but she jumped sidewards, seeing his shadow move.’
    • ‘Rian looked sideward as Elizabeth emerged from the office with two girls Rian didn't recognize.’
    • ‘Amaril held a palm up and sharply swung it sidewards, all of the rocks followed his arm, flying across the cavern.’
    • ‘To maintain his reputation as a supremely gifted player he has to move sidewards or upwards.’
    • ‘Isn't it troublesome to have to scroll sidewards?’
    • ‘This is a tough and difficult golf course with the rough being knee high and the wind and rain coming sidewards.’
    • ‘The early arrival of guests shook the estate sideward, but it didn't completely ruffle its efficient household.’