Definition of sidestroke in English:



  • A swimming stroke similar to the breaststroke in which the swimmer lies on their side.

    • ‘In addition, swimming with sidestrokes or backstrokes can also minimize stress on the back when compared with frontward strokes.’
    • ‘Individuals will be required to swim 500 yards using a combination of freestyle, breast and sidestrokes.’
    • ‘Use sidestrokes and backstrokes to work really hard without having to focus too hard on your breathing.’
    • ‘I started on my stomach, but turned to a sidestroke, then a backstroke to get to the island.’
    • ‘A range of events featuring freestyle, butterfly, sidestroke, backstroke and medley races saw the kids battle for supremacy as to who would be the king and queen of the pool in their age groups and for their swimming club.’