Definition of sidestream smoke in English:

sidestream smoke


mass noun
  • Smoke that passes from a cigarette into the surrounding air, rather than into the smoker's lungs.

    ‘asthmatics experience a significant decline in lung function when exposed to sidestream smoke’
    • ‘The sidestream smoke that others breathe in is actually more dangerous than the mainstream smoke that smokers inhale directly from a cigarette.’
    • ‘Second-hand or passive smoke exposure occurs when nonsmokers breathe the sidestream smoke created in indoor environments from the presence of smokers.’
    • ‘Ventilation systems certainly do work in terms of removing the irritants in cigarette smoke, but they do not remove the carcinogens in sidestream smoke.’
    • ‘Many potentially toxic gases are present in higher concentrations in sidestream smoke than in mainstream smoke and nearly 85 per cent of the smoke in a room results from sidestream smoke.’
    • ‘There is no ventilation system that reduces or eliminates the carcinogenic products of second-hand smoke or the sidestream smoke from cigarette smoking.’