Definition of sidelamp in English:



  • A lamp placed at the side of something.

    • ‘The Hella lamps seem to usually incorporate the sidelamps, as they used the separate sidelamp nacelles for direction indicator lamps.’
    • ‘One serves the sidelamps, one the tail and plate lamps and the third goes to the rheostat for the dash lamps.’
    • ‘On later cars, (with ‘square’ sidelamps) there is a metal assembly behind the front panel.’
    • ‘With the ignition off the sidelamps only come on.’
    • ‘They are somewhat brighter than sidelamps, but may not be used in situations where full headlamps or dipped lamps are required.’
    • ‘This energises the headlamps with approximately one-sixth of their normal power so that the vehicle cannot be driven using sidelamps alone.’
    • ‘The headlights are acetylene and it has kerosene sidelamps.’
    • ‘Help please - I can find the sidelamps, even touch the back of them, but how on earth do I remove them for replacement?’