Definition of sidecut in English:



  • A curve in the side of a ski or snowboard which allows it to turn more smoothly.

    • ‘American air strikes had blasted targets all along the valley, but stacks of hundreds of mortar shells and recoilless rifle rounds were still dispersed throughout the main corridor and several sidecuts.’
    • ‘With moderate sidecuts and respectable torsional rigidity, mid-fats are ideal for carving round turns on fairly hard surfaces - not that blue ice favored by racers, but hard snow.’
    • ‘On the other hand, if you've narrowed your choice to several skis and demo skiing isn't helping your indecision, a look at the sidecut may give you the extra oomph you need to get decisive.’
    • ‘Racers, who judge ski performance in milliseconds, never bought in, and instead tweaked sidecuts by small increments.’
    • ‘With transparent waxable bases and ground finish, the wider ski features a sidecut of 68-60-65 mm and comes in 170, 180 or 190 cm lengths.’
    • ‘On this ski I was more concerned with backing off of my turns than driving into them, this ski really wants to arc, and when they say 12 meters on the sidecut they mean it.’
    • ‘So they introduce us to things like the 10-80 which is a great slopestyle ski, but can't use its own sidecut because of it's tip profile.’
    • ‘Subjects ran with approximately 70% of their maximum speed from cone to cone and performed a sidecut with the outer leg at each cone.’
    • ‘To handle the steeps, you'll want skis without big sidecuts: Straighter skis simply have more edge-hold when you're clinging to the side of a 60-degree face.’
    • ‘Skis continue to grow wider for better flotation beyond the groomers, and the sidecuts - the stick's hourglass shape designed to help you turn - now reflect the needs of terrain skiers instead of wonkish ski instructors.’
    • ‘Telemark skis have taken on radical widths and sidecuts in recent years.’
    • ‘Nordic Cruising sidecuts are now defined by five measurements instead of the usual three.’
    • ‘The company took a page from hockey skates, which employ subtle contact points along the blade to enhance bite, and created a revolutionary sidecut by applying similar points along the board's edges.’
    • ‘A ski with reverse sidecut will give the skier the ability to slide their turns where as side cut will force the skier to sink and carve.’
    • ‘All the skis are waxless, have significant sidecut and are sized from 163 cm to 193 cm.’
    • ‘The board's sidecut graduates from elliptical at the nose (which helps get your turns under way) to radial at the tail for sturdy carving.’
    • ‘It has the same sidecut as the original, with changed graphics and a layer of metallic material.’
    • ‘And, unlike the glorified two-by-fours of the fat-ski past, these sticks have real sidecuts for carving on the groomed stuff.’
    • ‘Not only shorter and fatter than conventional long, straight, flat models, it is built with deep sidecuts, snow shocks, and a 3-mm riser on top.’
    • ‘Although the stance and tips of the Brushie are symmetrical, the sidecut has been shifted back from center for precise turning, even in deep snow.’