Definition of sideband in English:



  • Each of two frequency bands either side of the carrier wave, which contain the modulated signal.

    • ‘In signal recycling it is these sidebands that are stripped off the laser carrier wave and sent back into the interferometer, so that the signal can be built up and amplified.’
    • ‘The origin bands are usually described as bands, whereas the sidebands are labeled.’
    • ‘If you go offshore, you may need modems and programs that work with a single sideband or HAM radio, and/or a satellite phone for data transmissions.’
    • ‘The carrier itself is never really set - only the modulation products of the sidebands - so that the methods for measuring power change a bit from analog.’
    • ‘Tone-induced by-products may involve quantizing noise, harmonic distortion and any amplitude or phase modulation sidebands falling outside the reject limits of the notch filter.’