Definition of sidearm in English:



  • A weapon worn at a person's side, such as a pistol or formerly a sword.

    • ‘And having a personal sidearm wouldn't help you under many civil war scenarios.’
    • ‘Police recovered five rifles, 18 sidearms, 84 bullets, and 700 assegais in follow-up house-to-house searches.’
    • ‘This system is usually found in small personal defense pistols, or in full-sized law enforcement sidearms In the latter case, it is a deterrent against liability lawsuits.’
    • ‘With regards to the number of weapons that a player can carry at any one time, one automatic rifle and one sidearm may be carried, along with a lethal knife for silent close quarters takedowns.’
    • ‘The exact total, however, is unknown, as most citations only refer to ‘pistol’ or ‘revolver’ and some famous events do not mention sidearms at all.’
    • ‘I had always been a fan of the M1911 pistol, but after Cooper's training, the 1911.45 was the only sidearm that mattered to me.’
    • ‘In the course of this encounter, a courageous career prison officer and part-time cop named Claude Deckard braved the rifle fire with his personal sidearm at the distance of a football field.’
    • ‘We who carry sidearms are also in need of knowing the basic in and outs of knife offense/defense.’
    • ‘After-market grips on self-defense handguns (and sporting sidearms as well) create a better fit between customer and product.’
    • ‘By carrying sidearms, contractor employees run the risk of being seen as unlawful combatants.’
    • ‘Fry - 739 had a hand around the throat ribbing of her armor and his sidearm against the side of her helmet.’
    • ‘In every U.S. military action from World War I to Vietnam, the 1911 served as the standard sidearm for the American armed services.’
    • ‘While many photos of Patton show him carrying one or two ivory-handled sidearms, Eisenhower is never depicted as visibly armed.’
    • ‘Although sidearms are usually primary defensive weapons for officers on patrol, they are secondary on tactical SWAT call-outs where shoulder-fired arms generally take over.’
    • ‘The P - 35 was the standard sidearm of both sides in the Falklands intervention, and many were used by both Israeli and Arab forces in the Middle East.’
    • ‘A police presence has been established to stabilise the area after 171 men were arrested and rifles, sidearms, ammunition, assegais and pangas seized.’
    • ‘All of the above C [O.sub.2] powered repeaters are useful in training for the street by duplicating the heft and overall feel of popular sidearms used in law enforcement and for personal defense.’
    • ‘Stone watched the scene play out in slow motion as the man grabbed one of the officer's sidearms and bring it to bear where they were standing.’
    • ‘They are armed with 9mm sidearms as standard, but can upgrade these to 12.5mm sidearms if they wish.’
    • ‘Energy rifles and sidearms were stacked along one wall, small explosives charges and other weapons stored around the room.’


  • (of a throw, pitch, or cast) performed or delivered with a sweeping motion of the arm from the side of the body at or below shoulder level.

    ‘a sidearm delivery’
    as adverb ‘I could throw sidearm’
    • ‘It isn't common knowledge today, but Walter Johnson threw his blazing fastball with a sidearm delivery.’
    • ‘He has the funky sidearm delivery to make it happen.’
    • ‘Shouse, 33, is a longtime minor leaguer who developed a sidearm delivery to use against left-handed hitters last year.’
    • ‘The sidearm delivery especially was effective.’
    • ‘His sidearm delivery is tough on right-handed hitters because the fastball moves down and in on them.’
    • ‘After more than a decade in the minors, Taylor changed his delivery to a sidearm motion, which improved his control.’
    • ‘Any slide with the heel decidedly outside of the toe will open the shoulders and body away from the target and create a sidearm delivery.’
    • ‘Though he has been criticized for his unorthodox sidearm delivery, he is the second-leading passer in the history of the league.’
    • ‘Borland has a sidearm delivery that can be deceptive.’
    • ‘He throws from a strange arm slot, almost sidearm, and if he loses that slot, wildness can result.’
    • ‘He used a sidearm delivery, and actually turned his back completely on the batter before spinning forward in his motion.’
    • ‘When he is ahead in the count, he likes to drop down to a sidearm delivery and throw a two-seam fastball or hard slider.’
    • ‘He made casual sidearm throws to first and took wild swings at pitches in the dirt.’
    • ‘Johnson had a blazing fastball that flowed effortlessly from his exaggerated sidearm delivery.’
    • ‘When general manager Ken Williams watched the tape, he liked what he saw - sinking and moving pitches, a sidearm delivery and an ability as a right-hander to get out left-handed hitters.’
    • ‘As a middle and long reliever, Pina continued to fool hitters with his sidearm delivery and deceptive palmball.’
    • ‘He also drops down to throw his sinker and slider from a sidearm delivery.’
    • ‘Osoria relies on a hard sinking fastball thrown with a sidearm delivery.’
    • ‘This year, Rusch sports a tighter, bigger-breaking curve, and he has been using a sidearm delivery occasionally on breaking pitches to left-handed batters.’
    • ‘He never has been accurate when he drops into a sidearm delivery, and he is struggling too much for a third-year pro.’


  • 1Throw or pitch a ball to (someone) with a sidearm motion.

    ‘pitchers who sidearmed me on one pitch, then curved me with the next’
    • ‘‘You sidearm it in one forward throw, no back motion, after sneaking up on the animal,’ says Gullung, a New Orleans native.’
    • ‘Smith tended to sidearm his throws, but Tedford got him to keep the ball up around his ear and deliver passes over the top.’
    1. 1.1 Throw or pitch (a ball or other object) with a sidearm motion.
      ‘he sidearmed a small stone, which missed the bottle’