Definition of side salad in English:

side salad


  • A salad served as a side dish.

    • ‘Served with a side salad, yoghurt and a chilli sauce with attitude, they were declared nice and spicy and just right.’
    • ‘The ideal way to eat this pizza is slowly, sitting down and with a side salad to provide some fibre and other nutritional goodies.’
    • ‘I also ordered a side salad, which was served with a honey vinaigrette.’
    • ‘Covered in two rich sauces and served with a side salad and chips, the food was gorgeous, complemented by the sauces which were free of any artificial taste.’
    • ‘We serve this dish with a side salad of finely sliced fennel that has been coated with a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice.’
    • ‘The best part of the main course was the side salad.’
    • ‘The confit of duck with salad and haricots blancs was cooked to perfection, although I found the plain beans rather bland and the side salad too salty.’
    • ‘Side orders were uninspiring if traditional, featuring coleslaw, potato salad, boiled potatoes and side salad.’
    • ‘Still, the melted Brie was fantastic, and the generous salad garnish - which included fennel, my favourite - could almost have qualified as a side salad.’
    • ‘Although tempted by many of the starters, Jayne instead went for a mixed side salad.’
    • ‘‘I'd like some linguine in a white sauce with a side salad,’ I smiled up at her.’
    • ‘The meal was served with a large side salad and baked potatoes with sour cream.’
    • ‘The side salad was so fresh and wonderful: it was a grain with cucumbers, tomato, onion mixed in all dressed with oil and vinegar.’
    • ‘Freshly made sandwiches with side salad, coleslaw and potato crisps were priced at £3.50.’
    • ‘After a tureen of home-made fish soup, I gorged on fresh squid, giant prawns barbecued on a spit, with onions, red and green peppers, a crisp side salad and scrumptious French fries.’
    • ‘A side salad of fennel and orange is also most welcome and nicely refreshing after the richness of the cheese.’
    • ‘The carrots were unforgivably overcooked, and a side salad's dressing was plain olive oil and tasted a bit greasy.’
    • ‘I ordered a double cheeseburger (no mustard) with French fries and a side salad with ranch dressing.’
    • ‘Although it was tasty, Jayne felt the dish lacked imagination and would have benefited from roasted vegetables or a side salad.’
    • ‘She ordered the shrimp scampi and a side salad, while I ordered a fruit plate.’


side salad