Definition of side issue in English:

side issue


  • A point or topic connected to or raised by some other issue, but not as important, especially one that distracts attention from that which is important.

    ‘his foreign policy tended to be dominated by side issues’
    • ‘One side issue will not be able to distract the challenger.’
    • ‘Supporters under the illusion that a new stadium is a side issue for the club should have had their thoughts brought into focus by the crisis of the unpaid tax bill.’
    • ‘Unless the group can find a way back quickly, most analysts now see its days as an independent pharmaceutical group as numbered and whether he gets his generous bonus or not is a side issue.’
    • ‘Otherwise, however, he skimps on coverage of this important issue, giving it less than two pages, and boxing it as a side issue.’
    • ‘He is a high-profile public figure, but that was a side issue in the investigation.’
    • ‘As a side issue, would the claimants be entitled to attend the court, and would that then entitle them to some kind of residency status?’
    • ‘At least with the expectations gap we seem to have come around - almost entirely - to embrace what the public expected all along: placing fraud considerations at the heart of the audit, rather than just as a side issue.’
    • ‘The statistical wrangle over the effectiveness of helmets is actually a side issue; what we need people in authority to understand is that cycle helmets inevitably damage public health.’
    • ‘Although I will not discuss my personal beliefs on that point, I think it is important to note that any issue other than this, raised by either side, is a side issue with no real bearing on the subject.’
    • ‘The captaincy is very much a side issue at this stage.’
    • ‘It's a side issue, but it could shine a light on how stockbrokers go about their business.’
    • ‘This will be a side issue at this week's talks, however.’
    • ‘Yet money is a side issue for Barnes: neither he nor his fellow coaches get paid.’
    • ‘‘Recalling of parliament is a side issue,’ he declared.’
    • ‘However, we cannot continue to treat low farm incomes as simply a side issue in the development of industry policy.’
    • ‘But his buffoonery was a side issue to his brutality and murderous tastes.’
    • ‘A side issue here concerns the connection between these distinctions and moral realism.’
    • ‘But that is a side issue to the questions I was trying to raise and get feedback on.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the whole of this ideal, though an essential part of Catholic idealism when it is understood, is in some ways entirely a side issue.’
    • ‘But that really is a side issue in this campaign, if we're talking substance.’


side issue