Definition of side glance in English:

side glance


  • A sideways or brief glance.

    ‘a flinty side glance showed she was not as simple as she seemed’
    • ‘But it seems that the hackers who share this knowledge are still only taking a side glance at the possibilities of phone hacking.’
    • ‘Kennedy shot a side glance and stepped quickly to keep up.’
    • ‘Then they both pretended to lose themselves in the hilarity and comedy of ‘The Office’, but really all they could do was try and steal side glances of each other when the other wasn't looking.’
    • ‘Although Adrian remained blissfully unaware of the inner imbalance of his younger brother, Jeremy could tell that Timmy was beginning to pick up on it from the sly side glances that he was giving every once in a while.’
    • ‘‘You seem to be enjoying this,’ she noted with a side glance at Derick.’
    • ‘A pause set over the group, and the four friends looked at each other with uncomfortable side glances.’
    • ‘Trevor congratulated him and cast a side glance over at his wife Susan who looked worried.’
    • ‘With a side glance at Cordelia, I tried to prove Angel wrong.’
    • ‘Vincent gave Riona a side glance, but he went on.’
    • ‘Miranda didn't seem like the sharing type, and by the way she cut annoyed side glances at her, Jessica was sure Miranda wanted her to know that.’
    • ‘Crush looked away for a moment and then gave her mother a side glance.’
    • ‘He gave her a side glance and said, ‘You could say that.’’
    • ‘Curious, I eyed it and gave him a side glance, ‘What is it?’’
    • ‘Trying his hardest not to stare at her, he returned to his food, giving the woman a side glance every now and then.’
    • ‘My cherub-faced friend settled himself on the bench I was lazing on and threw me a side glance.’
    • ‘‘Versa,’ Bob muttered, casting a naive side glance at her.’
    • ‘He nodded and this time she attempted a side glance at him but his gaze was fixed straight ahead.’
    • ‘Rocky said, continuing to walk after giving her an annoyed side glance.’
    • ‘My mother and I took a nice long drive home the next morning searching for any road that would make our ride longer, both of us catching side glances of the other now appreciative of the one sitting in the opposite seat.’
    • ‘Over each cinema will be an open-air theatre which will enjoy even better versions of the same views, with side glances down to the Circular Quay and the Harbour.’