Definition of side chapel in English:

side chapel


  • A subsidiary chapel opening off the side aisle in a large church.

    • ‘And in contrast to most churches of any period, the pitched and warped nave roof, 95 ft tall at its highest point, is some 30 ft lower than the side chapels.’
    • ‘Most of these churches are open for ‘free’ during one daily mass, and paid staff ensure that visitors participate in the liturgy and are prevented from looking at artwork or visiting side chapels.’
    • ‘Those things may seem to be in short supply in our particular side chapel of the holy catholic church.’
    • ‘Because the designer stuck to the Scriptures Mary has less place in this church than any other we had seen, and so to compensate for this omission there is a side chapel dedicated to her.’
    • ‘Bernini designed the canopy over the papal altar, and Michelangelo sculpted the graceful pieta set in one of the side chapels and worked on the dome's frescoes until he died.’
    • ‘After his death, probably from tuberculosis, he was buried in a common grave, but a memorial tablet was set up to him in Pozzuoli Cathedral and in 1890 this was transferred to a side chapel dedicated as his burial chapel.’
    • ‘They also celebrate the old rite in one of the side chapels.’
    • ‘Although he is now officially retired and is known as the Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town, Tutu celebrates the Eucharist in a side chapel of the cathedral at 7.15 every Friday morning whenever he is in town.’
    • ‘People slept in tiny side chapels and even in the narrow spaces beside the temple's main altar, oblivious to the crowds that continued to worship.’
    • ‘For the next quarter of a century, Bothwell's remains were on show in a glass case until he was moved into an oak casket in a side chapel following protests from Bothwell descendants that the display was too macabre.’
    • ‘As the daylight comes through the coloured glass panels, it strikes the walls and side chapels with shafts of vibrant colour.’
    • ‘He modestly claims that his Crivellis, which are tucked away in a side chapel of the cathedral, are better than any of the 11 hanging in the National Gallery in London.’
    • ‘In a side chapel reposes a copy of England's Magna Carta of 1215, revered by Americans as the ancestor of their republican manifestoes, which launches Starkey into a provocative reverie.’
    • ‘Like traditional European churches, the space is divided into a single nave with small side chapels.’
    • ‘Carved out of the opposite gabion wall are four vertical recesses (part side chapels, part boutique installations) with stone, willow, hazel and rock salt stacked into columns.’
    • ‘Losinga's plan for his cathedral priory was hugely ambitious in scale, with a fourteen-bay nave, transepts, and apsidal east end with radiating two-storey side chapels.’
    • ‘The early service on Sunday had declined to the point that it was celebrated in a side chapel rather than the main worship space.’
    • ‘Fire swept through the church in 1947 destroying the side chapel, vestments and artefacts.’
    • ‘The fire began in the gift shop and was largely contained in that area, but smoke filled the nave and side chapels.’
    • ‘The lower classes either got married informally by a priest in a side chapel, or just lived together - common law marriages.’