Definition of side by side in English:

side by side


  • 1(of two or more people or things) close together and facing the same way.

    ‘on we jogged, side by side, for a mile’
    • ‘Adrian walked closer to Damien and stood side by side next to him.’
    • ‘Soon, the boys were at the park, walking side by side in silence.’
    • ‘We walked side by side until we got to the park, not saying a word to each other.’
    • ‘Blake joined her in the chant, and the two laid down on the grass, side by side, closing their eyes.’
    • ‘The vehicles park side by side, the brides are hastily exchanged, and the cars head home to the waiting grooms.’
    • ‘Sara clasped her hands around his and leaned in closer so that they were walking side by side, both smiling and blushing.’
    • ‘After a short walk through the trees, they arrived at two tan jeeps parked side by side in a small dirt clearing.’
    • ‘The next time Will comes to the office, Sean greets him at the door and they head off to a park where they sit side by side on a bench looking forward.’
    • ‘As we walked side by side through the park Jacob reached out and clasped my hand in his.’
    • ‘The canyon was too narrow for the horses to turn around, or even stand side by side.’
    alongside, alongside each other, beside each other, abreast, level, shoulder to shoulder, cheek by jowl, together, close together
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    1. 1.1 Together.
      ‘the two institutions worked side by side in complete harmony’
      • ‘It may be difficult to manage, but it cannot be impossible to run the two programmes either side by side or together.’
      • ‘For these words, I may just give two definitions side by side.’
      • ‘Then we'll edit each other's copy and make the changes side by side at the computer.’
      • ‘The two prophecies sit side by side, but sound discordant when heard together.’
      at the same time, at one and the same time, at the same instant, at the same moment, simultaneously, contemporaneously
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