Definition of side bet in English:

side bet


  • A bet over and above a main bet, especially on a subsidiary issue.

    ‘side bets were made that she would be the next to leave the board’
    • ‘An eleven-a-side heads up match will be contested between England and Australia with A $100,000 per team as the side bet.’
    • ‘The proposed jackpot would be awarded, for a side bet, to players receiving both a royal flush and a pair of aces.’
    • ‘The table games are played Las Vegas Style, and include 4-deck Blackjack, American-style Roulette, and Caribbean Stud poker complete with the $1 progressive side bet that so many players love.’
    • ‘The declarations and token award or side bets are again handled as in the first stage, with the highest five-card poker hand winning any contest between players who said ‘Yes‘.’
    • ‘But unlike today, the government seems to function, to fulfill the needs of everyday citizens as it takes side bets from its baneful benefactors.’
    • ‘Each game is played for money as you build up your cash stash to climb up the players' ladder, winning the odd side bet on individual shots on the way.’
    • ‘Each fight lasts about five minutes and the owners bet on their insects, bystanders taking side bets as well.’
    • ‘Without the public's money, racing as we know it would cease to exist, and would then revert to being an aristocrats' playtime, with rich men racing their nags against each other for side bets on Newmarket Heath.’
    • ‘But if I were a betting man, I would split my money between Garza and Luttig, with a possible side bet on Roberts.’
    • ‘As a side bet, Dugdale had to buy dinner for Drevnick after leaving the track.’
    • ‘They make small side bets, going overweight (compared to the index) in companies they think look tasty, and underweight in those that they believe to be somewhat dicier.’
    • ‘Duties include controlling the centre and the spinning of the pennies, supervising all side bets and receiving an agreed percentage of the spinner's winnings.’
    • ‘Mr Carter had been playing blackjack against the computerised dealer during the evening when he decided to make a side bet for the jackpot.’
    • ‘These contracts, essentially side bets on market prices, covered an astronomical sum - more than $1 trillion worth of exposure.’
    • ‘I just won another 5 pounds in a side bet with my friends.’
    • ‘A side bet to develop a browser saved it from dropping further behind.’
    • ‘The nil bid is a side bet and doesn't affect the comparison of total tricks to the total bid.’
    • ‘Usually, he's got a side bet going with someone else and he stands to make more money off of your game than you do.’
    • ‘Every game has an ante with side bets being the accepted norm.’
    • ‘When you play golf with friends you tend to have a laugh, maybe a little side bet.’
    wager, stake, gamble, ante
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