Definition of side-wheel in English:



North American
  • See side-wheeler

    • ‘When the SS China, a wood side-wheel steamer, was brought to Tiburon's marine crematory to be burned for scrap metal, its social saloon and two staterooms were set aside, too beautiful to burn.’
    • ‘The first ship bringing these modern argonauts, the ‘Commodore’ - a wooden side-wheel American steamer, entered Victoria harbour on Sunday morning, April 25, 1858, just as the townspeople were returning homeward from church.’
    • ‘The Bay State, a side-wheel steamer, grounded off the coast of Maine near Cape Elizabeth on September 24, 1916.’
    • ‘Presented is an original oil painting on canvas of a side-wheel steamer painted by an unknown artist.’
    • ‘In 1844, the U.S. Navy commissioned its first steam warships, the side-wheel frigates Missouri and Mississippi, which were considered the equal of any European warship then in service.’