Definition of side-saddle in English:



  • A saddle in which the rider has both feet on the same side of the horse, typically used by a woman rider wearing a skirt.

    • ‘He jumps down from his own horse to assist her into the side-saddle of the gentle mare beside his own horse.’
    • ‘The trees bobbed along Ren's view and she thanked for the millionth time that she had decided against using the side-saddle.’


  • Sitting on a horse with both one's feet on the same side.

    • ‘I am able to ride both side-saddle and, though I do not like to admit it, straddling the horse.’
    • ‘Linda, the daughter of Pembrokeshire county councillor, Norman Parry, rode side-saddle in her navy blue riding habit.’
    • ‘Marietta turned her horse around and galloped off, mindless that she was riding side-saddle; when she reached the clinic, she was out-of-breath and excited.’
    • ‘Of course, in the company of others, Angharad rode side-saddle, for she'd had to accustom her horse to it for propriety.’
    • ‘It was Chelsea, spurring her white palfrey onward towards them, her ice-blue gown billowing out behind her as she rode side-saddle.’
    • ‘Margret rode side-saddle with Linc behind her.’
    • ‘Lara goes out for some kind of equestrian exercise involving target shooting - and does it side-saddle!’
    • ‘As the city's sheriff she performed the traditional beating of the civic bounds but, for the first time in 139 years, she did it on horseback, riding side-saddle on Anzac.’
    • ‘Even today, a woman mounted side-saddle in a full skirt, tightly cut coat, white stock and hard riding hat looks fabulously elegant.’
    • ‘She was the last person he would have expected it from, yet there she was, riding side-saddle on her own horse.’
    • ‘The charming church boasts stations of the cross in alabaster, a gift from Empress Elizabeth of Austria-Hungary, whom my grandfather saw riding side-saddle across the fields below.’
    • ‘She had visited her horse, much to her father's dislike, and had ridden him around the estate, side-saddle of course.’
    • ‘By way of explanation, it started with the silly riding actions, and someone suggested that the female in the group ought to be riding side-saddle.’
    • ‘All of the ladies were mounted on their horses, although on this date they had elected to ride side-saddle as all of them (even Erial) were wearing dresses.’
    • ‘She didn't care if her dress showed her legs a bit, even though it was meant for side-saddle, much less any riding at all; but she needed to see Damien and talk to him this instant.’
    • ‘Donkeys have been as much a part of the seaside holiday as ice cream and candy floss ever since 1760, when they first used to carry ladies side-saddle to the bathing huts at Brighton.’
    • ‘No saddle or means of guiding the elephant are present; Coryate looks perched on top of the animal, almost side-saddle.’
    • ‘Riding side-saddle is an example of Thai practicality.’
    • ‘Beneath him, miraculously confounded with the seat, flies a speeding horse on which the man perches side-saddle.’
    • ‘She refused to ride side-saddle though, which resulted in her skirt sitting somewhere in the area of her knees.’