Definition of sidalcea in English:



  • A herbaceous North American plant of the mallow family, several kinds of which are cultivated as ornamentals.

    Genus Sidalcea, family Malvaceae

    • ‘I dug it out of the gravel border as it began to sidle into the sidalceas.’
    • ‘Host plants are mallows, including cheeseweed, sidalceas, hollyhocks, and globemallows (Sphaeralcea); also occasionally nettles (Urtica).’
    • ‘You need something a bit stronger for your garden, like the flower spikes from Salvia nemorosa ‘Superba’, with wonderfully intense lavender blue flowers issuing from purplish bracts, or some of the deep wine-red sidalceas.’
    • ‘Entering through the dense hedges is irresistibly romantic, as are the thatched barn, granite tower, and blousy herbaceous planting, at its peak in July with sidalceas, astilbes and dioramas, to draw you onward.’
    • ‘The soft pinks of sidalceas and anisodonteas combine brilliantly with the crisp white of shasta daisies and snow drop anemones to create the ultimate romantic garden.’


Modern Latin, from Sida + Alcea, names of related genera.