Definition of sida in English:



  • A plant of the mallow family, native to tropical and warm regions.

    • ‘Bill gates dose many goods in this world he will personal cure cancer and sida with his fondation.’
    • ‘There is a big weed problem here, where there's thousands of acres, hectares of fields just supporting woody perennial weeds, sida and hyptis being among the worst of them.’
    • ‘The king of the thermogenic hill has long been ephedrine, found in dietary supplements via herbs such as ma huang, ephedrine sinensis and sida cordifolia, among others.’
    • ‘Especially prized unusual plants such as crested sida, hairy wachendorfia, Norfolk-island lagunaea, prickly-leaved massonia, sweet-scented tritonia, and winged-podded sophora.’


Modern Latin, from Greek sidē ‘pomegranate tree’, also ‘water lily’.