Definition of sickly-looking in English:



  • Appearing ill and weak.

    ‘a sickly-looking, skeletal boy’
    • ‘The hedge was just a rather sickly looking hedge, with a number of dead trees in it, some trees showing damage.’
    • ‘The boy, an odd and sickly-looking redhead, urges Pip to come on and fight.’
    • ‘Health workers patrolled buses, ordering sickly-looking people home.’
    • ‘They say I don't fit the stereotype of a sickly-looking strict vegetarian.’
    • ‘She was a thin, pale and sickly looking girl, with dark rings under her eyes.’
    • ‘His bald, sickly looking head was set upon an equally feeble frame.’
    • ‘She's got a lovely light complexion, but she isn't pale or sickly looking.’
    • ‘The eldest is a girl, twenty-six and very sickly looking.’
    • ‘Hordes of sickly-looking people seated in wheelchairs or hobbling on crutches waved cancelled airplane tickets to Lourdes in the faces of weary employees.’
    • ‘The girl gets malnourished and increasingly sickly-looking over time.’
    yellowish, jaundiced, pallid, wan, pale, waxen, anaemic, bloodless, colourless, pasty, pasty-faced
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