Definition of sickle feather in English:

sickle feather


  • Each of the long middle feathers of a cock's tail.

    • ‘The males are ‘hen feathered’, having none of the long sickle feathers belonging to males of other breeds.’
    • ‘It has the right length of sickle feather and also tail carriage.’
    • ‘The tail is gracefully accented with long, cardioid curved sickle feathers that drape around their nicely spread tails.’
    • ‘Rear part of its back presents a very distinctive look because of large black and white sickle feathers attached with secondary underwing coverts.’
    • ‘The term hen-cocks is, in consequence, often applied to them; but although the sickle feathers are thus modified, no bird possesses higher courage, or a more gallant carriage.’
    • ‘The only fault I can detect from this photo is the top sickle feather has a spot at the base of the feather where the dark barring is missing.’
    • ‘They are characterized by having a beautiful, pheasant-like body with profuse lengthy saddle feathers and long tail furnishings including sickle feathers and side hangers or tail coverts.’
    • ‘Although the sickle feathers in the males took several months for complete growth, it evidently did not interfere with fertility.’
    • ‘Then wait until the adult sickle feathers are completely in before they dub the wattles and ear lobes to promote longer tails.’
    • ‘The tail of a Yokohama is not marked by very long sickle feathers but the well developed saddle feathers.’
    • ‘Large and strong with long sickle feathers and side hangers.’
    • ‘The tail coverts, sickle feathers, and main tail black both in primaries and secondaries.’
    • ‘They look too small to be sickle feathers at this stage, but might well be.’
    • ‘A portion of the tail does partially molt its sickle feathers annually and the body feathers may molt only every second or third year.’
    • ‘These smaller sickle feathers are much like the main sickles but are shorter.’
    • ‘The length from the large fowl male's beak to the end of his sickle feather is about 24 inches.’