Definition of sick to one's stomach in English:

sick to one's stomach


  • 1Nauseous.

    • ‘Radiation and chemotherapy can make you feel tired and sick to your stomach.’
    • ‘Drink too much - as little as two cups - and you may feel restless, nervous, unable to sleep, even sick to your stomach.’
    • ‘Regular birth control pills make some women feel sick to their stomach.’
    • ‘That feeling in her stomach was back and she felt weak and sick to her stomach.’
    • ‘At what point does the rollercoaster ride stop being a thrill and simply make you sick to your stomach?’
    • ‘If you use IV medicines, you might feel sleepy or a little sick to your stomach.’
    • ‘My hands were wrapped around my stomach, for some reason I was sick to my stomach.’
    • ‘I catch a glimpse of Lizzy through their living room window, and I get sick to my stomach.’
    • ‘The pain is worse but I am no longer as sick to my stomach as I have been for the last several months.’
    • ‘Getting sick to your stomach and throwing up when nervous is your body's way of telling you that you are over-stressed.’
    1. 1.1 Disgusted.
      ‘I felt sick to my stomach reading that filth’
      • ‘After reading that interview and never once seeing a pointed question, I am sick to my stomach.’
      • ‘This disgusted her and made her sick to her stomach.’
      • ‘You know you might get a fever and maybe even feel sick to your stomach after that.’
      • ‘It was disgusting and I felt sick to my stomach but I heard a pair of voices coming from inside.’
      • ‘So I look at those pictures, and I feel sick to my stomach.’
      • ‘All of a sudden, this devil masquerading as a human being had a face, and it made me sick to my stomach.’
      • ‘I felt sick to my stomach, I was trembling with disgust.’
      • ‘Now I feel sick to my stomach and I can't seem to stop hating my friend.’
      • ‘This system is wrecking children's lives and it makes me sick to my stomach.’
      • ‘Maybe next year's renewal rates won't make you sick to your stomach.’