Definition of sick note in English:

sick note


  • A note to be given to an employer, teacher, or person in authority confirming that an absence was due to sickness.

    • ‘Earlier in the year, there was much mongering of rumour about his health when he sent a sick note on budget day and then sweated through a speech to his party's spring conference.’
    • ‘Players have to race through a day in the life of an Eton schoolboy, taking in a sick note from your dame, a ticking-off from your beak and life as a praeposter (prefect).’
    • ‘Because I felt ashamed, I felt that he would think I'm just trying to get out of working and begging for a sick note.’
    • ‘Doctors claim they feel under pressure from patients to sign sick notes.’
    • ‘Nurses will be allowed to provide sick notes for employees.’
    • ‘The most common causes for requesting sick notes were back pain, depression, workplace stress, other stress-related problems and flu.’
    • ‘I have never been on the dole in 30 years, have never sent in a sick note in 25 years.’
    • ‘Bradford Crown Court heard that it was only when Brown began to seek sick notes for her absences that her series of lies was revealed.’
    • ‘The survey also highlighted concerns about the sick note system, most employers believing doctors issued them too easily.’
    • ‘The doctors say they hand out sick notes so readily because they would rather lie to employers than jeopardise the doctor/patient relationship.’
    • ‘A look back through the meticulously archived school records shows youngsters' sick notes reporting everything from whooping cough, mumps and measles to scarlet fever and typhoid as lethal epidemics tore through the school.’
    • ‘None of the general practitioners said they gave sick notes in lieu of antibiotics, but some provided sick notes to patients who received antibiotics.’
    • ‘I say everyone knows, because it turns out that 41% of all sick notes - some nine million - are fakes.’
    • ‘Family doctors say they are struggling to cope with the soaring demand for sick notes as suspicious employers insist workers provide medical proof they are not skiving.’
    • ‘GPs will no longer be able to give sick notes allowing employees long periods off work without providing a plan to rehabilitate them.’
    • ‘When we demand sick notes and sympathy, instead of getting a Presbyterian kick up the backside, we find ourselves besieged by a new priesthood: counsellors, thousands of them, proliferating like locusts.’
    • ‘In the weeks leading up to his expulsion for failing to meet A-level standards, he falsified many sick notes to spend days off firing his gun collection on the range at the local club.’
    • ‘There is another answer to this and that is not to pay for the first three days of sickness unless a sick note is produced.’
    • ‘Most of the quacks will just dole out the pills and the sick notes with hardly a glance at the patient history, or a look at deeper issues.’
    • ‘Since then he had produced a number of sick notes signing him off work and so was unable to carry out his community service.’