Definition of sick list in English:

sick list


  • A list, especially in the army or navy, of people who are ill and unable to work.

    • ‘And looking to the final Carr is hoping the injuries aren't too serious as he already has a sick list mounting up.’
    • ‘Cooks who handled food with dirty hands and washing areas sited upstream of watering areas were common practices that contributed to long sick lists.’
    • ‘Peter Smith is the latest player to join the sick list and the manager could be forced to field untried youngsters.’
    • ‘These disease carriers trespass into your home and add members into the sick list.’
    • ‘‘It wasn't long after he came to Washington that some of our hitters, arriving in Walter's vicinity, were reporting to the sick list,’ chuckled Cobb.’
    • ‘The consumption of feces-contaminated water, the stifling heat, and the lack of supplies increased the sick list fearfully.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister has been forced to water down his proposals for getting millions of workers off the sick list and back into jobs.’