Definition of Sibylline books in English:

Sibylline books

plural noun

  • A collection of oracles belonging to the ancient Roman state and used for guidance by magistrates and others.

    • ‘Some religious groups created, forged, Sibylline books of their own to give credence to their own claims of prophesy.’
    • ‘There is a possibility of an Etruscan origin if Apollo was connected to the Sibylline books when the books were purchased.’
    • ‘A similar set of Sibylline books appeared when Syrian Christians suffered under Moslem rule in the seventh century.’
    • ‘Her association with Demeter came after consultation with the Sibylline books in 496.’
    • ‘Chapter One questions the connection between the Sibylline books and the Magna Mater cult.’
    • ‘The verses of the Jewish Sibyl probably originated at Alexandria, and may possibly have incorporated some fragments of more ancient oracles once included in the Sibylline books which were kept at Rome.’
    • ‘They published their interpretation of the passage, but did not make known the words or phrases of the passage, for the text of the Sibylline books must not be known to the public.’
    • ‘Significantly, Augustus moved the Sibylline books from the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus to the temple of Apollo Palatinus.’
    • ‘He evidently regarded the Sibylline books from which he quoted as substantially identical with those of which Varro wrote.’
    • ‘The Sibylline books were destroyed by fire in 83 B.C. but many later forgeries were made.’