Definition of sibilance in English:



  • See sibilant

    • ‘An occasional sibilance of hazy white noise and clattering of plates pock marks the almost celestial church organ that began the piece.’
    • ‘After about a minute, a single car stopped in front of them, its door hissing open with pneumatic sibilance.’
    • ‘His speed-speak makes for a high-energy performance, but when compounded with a slight sibilance, it compels the audience to pay close attention to catch what he's saying.’
    • ‘Floating in glass-topped court-tank of aquamarine. Underwater wave lengths of muffled sibilance, mutated boom.’
    • ‘At which point we notice how the sibilance in the closing lines seems to amplify the silence into which poetry and society have both fallen and adds a note of disgust to the speaker's despair as well.’