Definition of siamang in English:



  • A large black gibbon native to Sumatra and Malaya.

    Hylobates syndactylus, family Hylobatidae

    • ‘The siamangs of Indonesia are the largest, weighing up to 14 kg.’
    • ‘The siamang is a species of gibbon, so it spends all the time up in the trees and you can see now by the long, long arms suitably adapted for that.’
    • ‘Many smaller animals have also joined the collection: siamang gibbons, provost squirrels, howler monkey, armadillo and the elusive mona monkeys.’
    • ‘Almost a century later, zoologist CB Kloss discovered what seemed to be a dwarf siamang in the Mentawai islands off Sumatra's west coast.’
    • ‘The Indonesian Consulate General in Osaka will fly four orang-utans, a siamang gibbon and a moloch gibbon to Indonesia on Feb.2 from the New Kansai International Airport outside Osaka, the agency said.’
    • ‘The price of siamangs could reach $157, which is considerably more expensive than the smaller species of gibbon, whereas a Borneo orangutan could be sold for $406.’
    • ‘At least in siamang gibbons, new mates have to learn the fine coordination between his part and hers.’
    • ‘Bangkok has become an international center for illegal wildlife, and a center for ‘laundering ‘wildlife including live cheetahs, tigers, bears, orang-utans, gibbons, and siamangs to disguise their country of origin.’’
    • ‘By contrast, in the closely related and also monogamous siamang male - female allogrooming is reciprocal and symmetrical with males investing more into parental care.’
    • ‘Superfamily Hominoidea of Primates is divided into two families, Hominidae that consists of human, chimpanzee, gorilla, and orangutan, and Hylobatidae containing gibbons and siamang.’
    • ‘We had a case when a siamang came here and did not want to eat anything.’
    • ‘During this period 11 to 16 million years ago, known as the Miocene, there was an evolutionary split between the great apes and the lesser apes, which include modern gibbons and siamangs.’


Early 19th century: from Malay.