Definition of shuttler in English:



  • A badminton player.

    • ‘Also cruising through to the semifinals were Indonesian men's singles shuttlers.’
    • ‘The association will choose the two best shuttlers in each division.’
    • ‘The decision to deploy young and upcoming shuttlers must be fully supported.’
    • ‘Considering the present shuttlers lineup, only a miracle can help the South Koreans win their first ever Uber Cup.’
    • ‘The 18-year-old shuttler is ignoring his teammates' opinions on his parents attendance at the biennial event.’
    • ‘Even without security concerns, the national men's shuttlers are carrying a heavy burden on their shoulders.’
    • ‘The discussion was held to respond to requests by star national shuttlers to have individual sponsorships.’
    • ‘We must prepare our junior shuttlers eventually to replace the veteran shuttlers.’
    • ‘In all, 14 shuttlers will be included in the country's 39-member Olympic contingent.’
    • ‘At least Shawn was a friend, a fellow shuttler, a person who could understand him.’
    • ‘The 1980 world champion cited an example where shuttlers did not seriously train during stroke sessions.’
    • ‘We don't have enough players that can match the skills of the Chinese shuttlers.’
    • ‘Fritz was responding to queries by national shuttlers about the possibility of having individual sponsorships replace the current collective system.’
    • ‘All of the shuttlers will now take part in the World Championships beginning on Monday.’
    • ‘Technically Roslin is not a really special shuttler but he's very patient and tough.’
    • ‘With the absence of Chinese shuttlers, the home crowd opted to throw its weight behind the Danes.’
    • ‘Ace Indian women shuttler Saina Nehwal has set her eyes on breaking into top-five bracket by the end of next year.’
    • ‘National shuttlers have expressed mixed feelings over the new get-tough policy that will be implemented at the national training center.’
    • ‘Softening its stand on shuttlers not agreeing to fall in line, Badminton Association of India called all players for the selection trials on May 6-8.’
    • ‘A four-day tournament featuring shuttlers from across the state got underway in Thane on Monday to select state representatives for the nationals.’