Definition of shutterbug in English:



North American
  • An enthusiastic photographer.

    ‘vacationing shutterbugs hope for sunny days’
    • ‘Most shutterbugs live for the ‘click’ of the camera.’
    • ‘Their early work influenced many photographers, including Ansel Adams, and especially those shutterbugs drawn to Western landscapes.’
    • ‘Billy is a teenage shutterbug who always seems to cram his camera in the most inopportune places.’
    • ‘The best advice for the traveling shutterbug is to relax and not worry about getting the perfect shot.’
    • ‘They say photography is an addictive hobby, like golf, and once bitten by the shutterbug, one is always impatient to grab the camera and go for a shoot.’
    • ‘The contest is open to all shutterbugs, and will have professional, hobby photographers, the general public and youth categories.’
    • ‘No nation can flee its stereotypes - think of Japanese shutterbugs, Germans in socks and sandals, and solipsistic Americans searching for someplace exotic with all the conveniences of home.’
    • ‘The kaleidoscopic range of subjects - child labour, women empowerment, literacy, environment - showcase a variety of themes the shutterbugs are called on to cover.’
    • ‘Could they even have known if a particular shutterbug was working for the cops?’
    • ‘There was the bullfighter, he was easy to recognize, and the bespectacled guy with half dozen cameras hanging from his neck was obviously the shutterbug.’
    • ‘The movie star now has a team of guards on patrol outside the luxurious beachside home to check for sneaky shutterbugs.’
    • ‘Film was already loaded in the camera so that shutterbugs had only to point and shoot and then send the still loaded camera back to the company's factory in Rochester.’
    • ‘There could be no better hunting ground than the majestic and serene Himalayan ranges for these shutterbugs.’
    • ‘For amateur shutterbugs with digital cameras, here's as good a chance as any to become a published photographer.’
    • ‘You actually have time to frame your shots without jockeying for position with all the other shutterbugs.’
    • ‘The 35-year-old star, who is followed by shutterbugs everywhere she goes, has now befriended a group of photographers, who have told her ‘the rules’.’
    • ‘An avid shutterbug, Paul has been able to expand his interest in photography as a leader on Sierra Club trips.’
    • ‘With great enthusiasm, all of them posed for the shutterbugs of the media as well as the event managers.’
    • ‘The exciting life, ambience and attraction of Russia is captured in vivid detail by Urmila, an avid shutterbug.’
    • ‘The beauty of this village will captivate any camera lens, delivering shutterbugs to a time preserved only in traditional Chinese paintings.’