Definition of shutter priority in English:

shutter priority


mass nounPhotography
  • A system used in some automatic cameras in which the shutter speed is selected by the user and the appropriate aperture is then set by the camera.

    Compare with aperture priority
    • ‘Manual aperture and shutter priority rank high on the list of useful features, along with full manual focus, spot metering, manual white balance and a quite unbelievable 14 x zoom.’
    • ‘In practice, what you have to do is put the camera on shutter priority, let's say the 1 / 125th synch speed and then read off what the resultant aperture setting is when metering the subject's face.’
    • ‘If I was to use tv mode, shutter priority, then the aperture is too small to allow enough light to pass to the film plane.’
    • ‘Set the camera on shutter priority and take shots of the same subject.’
    • ‘The aperture priority setting means that you control the aperture setting and the camera chooses what it thinks is the appropriate shutter speed, the reverse is true of the shutter priority setting.’