Definition of shut someone/something out in English:

shut someone/something out

phrasal verb

  • 1Screen someone or something from view.

    ‘clouds shut out the stars’
    • ‘Free and unfettered, the press can shut people out, ignore their views, or unfairly constrict debate.’
    • ‘And so it grew and grew until the summit was shut out of view from the valley, and over the valley itself was an everextending canopy, opaque and grey.’
    keep out, block out, screen, cover up, hide, conceal, veil
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    1. 1.1 Block something from the mind.
      ‘anything he didn't like he shut out’
      • ‘He had to shut the thoughts out of his mind as he suddenly came to grip with all the change engulfing him.’
      • ‘A part of her first conversation with John came back to her, and her mind could not shut it out even though it desperately wanted to.’
      • ‘Students, staff, and faculty of the schools and colleges of the have been shut out of learning and conducting research by the oppressive military siege.’
      • ‘I've shut it out of my mind, because it was a violent, unpleasant, horrible and ugly experience.’
      • ‘But I had promised her that she had my blessing, so I tried to shut the issue out of my mind.’
      • ‘He shut his uncharacteristic anxiety out of his mind disdainfully.’
      • ‘Taking a deep breath, I shut the call out of my mind and pushed myself from the uncomfortable wooden chair to my feet.’
      • ‘I thought the story had run its course and I shut royal affairs out of my mind.’
      • ‘The tears slid down my cheeks and I closed my eyes to shut his face out of my mind.’
      • ‘I tried to shut it out of my mind, sitting down under a tree and covering my ears as a crack of thunder erupted in my head.’
      block, suppress, halt, stop, forget
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  • 2Prevent something from occurring or someone from doing something.

    ‘there was a high-mindedness which shut out any consideration of alternatives’
    • ‘The best officials usually don't know the final score; they officiate in a zone, where the crowd noise is shut out.’
    • ‘The Indians were shut out three times in his first 14 starts and scored three runs or fewer in eight of them.’
    • ‘McDowall was inadvertently wrongly listed in the best actor rather than best supporting actor category at Academy Award nomination time, effectively shutting him out of consideration in either.’
    • ‘So Jim Carrey was shut out of Oscar consideration again this year.’
    • ‘The pair put on 121 runs for the seventh wicket and went a long way in shutting India out of the game.’
    • ‘She postponed medical school in the hopes of winning her first, but she entered the week facing the possibility she would be shut out.’
    • ‘There's even talk that some of their summer league games will be on ESPN, after the team was shut out of national telecasts this past season.’
    • ‘South Africa had already guaranteed a spot in the finals but, aiming to shut the Australians out of the best-of-three finals series, abandoned the biggest run-chase of the series.’
    • ‘In an increasingly bitter and acrimonious environment, rival groups have been using ‘no platform’ policies to shut their opponents out of university grounds.’
    • ‘One agent says Boras is seething simply because he was shut out of the first round.’