Definition of shut someone/something away in English:

shut someone/something away

phrasal verb

  • Keep someone or something inside a place so as not to be seen or contacted by other people.

    ‘she supposes that Mrs Tilney was shut away in her bedroom chamber’
    • ‘Please don't punish your cat by shutting him/her away.’
    • ‘The unlucky ones were herded aboard two small freighters, where they were shut away in total darkness in the cargo holds.’
    • ‘In the worst cases, sufferers can shut themselves away indoors, shunning all social contact.’
    • ‘The grand building will close its doors for the final time on Tuesday shutting away 115 years of history.’
    • ‘With the years, Highsmith became ever more like Tom Ripley shut away from humankind in his train compartment, ever more apart.’
    • ‘A woman was ordered into her basement by two burglars who left her shut away whilst they looted her Whitton home last Friday evening.’
    • ‘Filmed through the bars they appear to have been shut away in a camp already.’
    • ‘I cannot believe how my Aunt shut her away like that.’
    • ‘She knew her daughter very well, too, despite how Kimberly tried to hide from her, shut herself away.’
    • ‘He was a real human being who didn't shut himself away.’
    confine, isolate, cloister, sequester, seclude, closet, immure
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