Definition of shut-off in English:



  • 1usually as modifier A device used for stopping a supply or operation.

    ‘a shut-off valve’
    • ‘Most of these units offer multiple safety features such as an automatic safety shut-off due to bumping or knocking it over and grills to keep hands away from hot surfaces.’
    • ‘Moving the stalk up or down for less than one second initiates the turn signal activation sequence, and automatic shut-off mode.’
    • ‘Break a union close to the valve so water will drain out clear to the shut-off valve.’
    • ‘Disregard broken gas shut-off valves and evacuation routes that are blocked with extra supply carts and stretchers.’
    • ‘Purchase portable heaters equipped with automatic shut-off switches and avoid the use of extension cords’
    • ‘This provided an excellent opportunity to discuss where the oxygen shut-off valves are located for each of the rooms and how to turn off the valves.’
    • ‘The display features an auto shut-off to save the battery.’
    • ‘‘We were very lucky to have found the shut-offs as quickly as we did,’ said Nick Brouwer, section manager of utilities and maintenance for North Vancouver District.’
    • ‘We installed float valves and shut-off valves so I can clean the troughs or drain the system in winter if necessary.’
    • ‘The coalition demanded a moratorium on shut-offs; that the contracts with the head of the Detroit Water Department and the consultants running Highland Park be voided, and that water be declared a human right.’
    • ‘If you have a hot-water tank in your roof, check your airing cupboard or next to the tank in the roof for the shut-off valves.’
    • ‘If your home has interior shut-off valves leading to outside faucets, close them and drain water from lines.’
    • ‘He explained that it was normal procedure for the water supply to be off for up to 36 hours, but added that the company was hoping to introduce a 12 hour shut-off system.’
    • ‘Consider valves that are manual on with an automatic shut-off.’
    • ‘Some of these models also provide a greater number of programs, automatic shut-off timers and mechanisms that keep noise to a minimum.’
    • ‘Drip-tape connectors come with or without shut-off valves.’
    • ‘Fully open the water supply shut-off valve to assure that there is adequate water pressure and volume.’
    • ‘This includes the valve at the water meter, the shut-off valve to the house and the valves to the water heater.’
    • ‘All plumbing fixtures, including toilets, sinks and basins, have shut-off valves located under the fixture against the wall.’
    • ‘The filter should be placed on the main water supply line near where it enters the house, at any point past the main shut-off valve for the whole house, but before pipes branch off into multiple directions.’
    secluded, sheltered, sequestered, shielded, protected
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    1. 1.1mass noun The cessation of flow, supply, or activity.
      ‘the shut-off of water supplies’
      as modifier ‘help for people with shut-off notices’
      • ‘Shops and businesses had already been coping with scheduled shut-offs.’
      • ‘They were already coping with scheduled shut-offs about which they had been notified.’
      • ‘Flexible container including self-sealing dispensing valve to provide automatic shut-off and leak resistant inverted storage’