Definition of shura in English:



mass nounIslam
  • 1The principle of consultation, in particular as applied to government.

    ‘the cooperation of all is the basic pillar of shura’
    • ‘He sees the Islamic principle of shura, or consultation, as identical to democracy and as an idea that can only be achieved incrementally and never fully realized, as in the American case.’
    • ‘The shura may take on styles and patterns depending upon the socio-cultural and geographical aspects of a Muslim community.’
    • ‘Although the textual sources specify no particular mechanisms of governance, many point to the Quran's emphasis on shura as evidence of the essentially democratic character of Islam.’
    • ‘He sees hope in the Islamic tradition of shura, by which a ruler is supposed to seek consultation and consensus before acting.’
    • ‘After the third/ninth century the concept of shura took more concrete institutional shape in the discourses of Muslim jurists.’
    1. 1.1count noun A consultative council.
      • ‘The committee is designed to complement existing village authorities such as elders and local councils known as shuras.’
      • ‘A shura would meet in the next two days to decide on the strategy for the attack and how many men would be involved, he said.’
      • ‘He is assisted by shuras (consultative bodies) which are in charge of the day-to-day running of the country.’
      • ‘The Afghan shura serves as a forum for women in the community to discuss their concerns and needs, just as a ‘jirga’ serves as an assembly of elder men to solve problems within the community.’
      • ‘A learned council called a shura selected Abu Bakr, one of the prophet's closest friends and allies.’


From Arabic šūrā ‘consultation’.