Definition of shrimper in English:



  • 1A boat designed or used for catching shrimps.

    ‘the boat had been converted from a seventy-two-foot shrimper’
    • ‘According to the Southeastern Fisheries Association in Tallahassee, Florida, nearly 5,000 shrimpers trawled the Gulf a decade ago.’
    • ‘Often now, shrimpers are forced to trawl farther out, past the hypoxic zone.’
    • ‘The skipper wanting to maximize potential should run until he reaches shrimpers in blue or blue-green water (usually at least 20 to 30 miles off the upper coast).’
    • ‘The next afternoon, the boats line up on Newport's Yaquina Bay: trollers and crabbers, long-liners and shrimpers, draggers, charters, and pleasure craft.’
    • ‘Offshore shrimpers landing their catch at Texas ports would find themselves under a limited-entry program much like the one currently in place for the state's inshore commercial shrimp fleet.’
    • ‘Showing baits at different depths is another tactic for locating fish behind a sluggish shrimper.’
    • ‘It was a far cry from the shrimpers' boat George had grown up on.’
    • ‘Although Tim, 38, won't be joining them, the party will then board a Cornish shrimper to return along the west coast to Dalen.’
    • ‘Along the way there are countless fishermen who use the waterway for access to fishing grounds, shrimpers traveling to shrimping grounds, and many crabbers who make a living alongside the waterway.’
  • 2A person who fishes for shrimps.

    ‘regular shrimpers use home-made nets’
    • ‘Lieutenant Jackson, a wildlife officer, had found the stranded shrimpers the day before and tried to call come for help, only to be put through endless phone calls and red tape.’
    • ‘He has the look of blended simplicity and strength that one expects to see among shrimpers and the crews of herring boats.’
    • ‘And American shrimpers say a glut of cheap imports is threatening to put them out of business - the entire shrimp industry in this country.’
    • ‘More devastating, though, is the fact that every processing plant along the coast is out of commission - meaning, even if they could get to sea, shrimpers would have nowhere to take their catch.’
    • ‘The Texas closure was estimated to cost shrimpers Gulf-wide $25 million a year.’
    • ‘Federal officials are moving toward a moratorium on licensing shrimpers to fish in Gulf waters under federal jurisdiction.’
    • ‘Red snapper stocks experienced serious decline in the Gulf from overfishing of adult fish by commercial fishermen and the discarded catch of juveniles by shrimpers.’
    • ‘He said many of his fellow shrimpers lost their lives when they stayed aboard their boats during the storm in a futile attempt to save their livelihoods.’
    • ‘In the southern states along the Gulf Coast, Vietnamese fishermen and shrimpers play an important role in the fishing industry.’
    • ‘Her patients include shrimpers, factory workers and shipbuilders, hardworking folks with one thing in common: They lack health insurance and can't afford to pay her.’
    • ‘James' father and grandfather were shrimpers, but he became an engineer.’
    • ‘Hurricane Katrina has left many Gulf Coast fisheries and oyster beds in ruins, leaving the region's fishermen, oystermen, and shrimpers to face a lengthy recovery.’
    • ‘By the 1970s, shrimpers in the Gulf of Mexico had fished them nearly to extinction.’
    • ‘But the unmarked wire traps also are a problem for shrimpers who regularly find the rusting, slime-coated cages fouling their trawls.’
    • ‘The fall harvest of white shrimp would be in full swing just now, and many shrimpers would be earning much of their annual income.’
    • ‘Now American shrimpers say they're barely making it.’
    • ‘‘I'm a fisherman, me, like my daddy and granddaddy,’ one old shrimper tells Tidwell.’
    • ‘They say the value of their harvest has fallen by more than 50% because of those cheap imports and, without tariffs, the shrimpers say they will simply be out of business within a year.’
    • ‘In the U.S., shrimpers haul out gas-guzzling trawlers and catch shrimp in the wild, while in Asia, farmers raise shrimp in mesh cages.’
    • ‘We spent the day on the little island, populated by fishermen and shrimpers who lived in stilt houses.’