Definition of shrew-mole in English:



  • A small shrewlike mole with a long tail, native to Asia and North America.

    Neurotrichus and other genera, family Talpidae: five species

    • ‘Like its relative the inquisitive shrew-mole, the Chinese shrew-mole resembles a shrew more than a mole.’
    • ‘Moles are from the family Talpidae which includes moles, desmans, and shrew-moles.’
    • ‘Unlike most other moles, the shrew-mole is fairly agile and commonly active above ground.’
    • ‘If you're lucky enough to have a tiny shrew-mole, that means you have one hell of a healthy & natural garden.’
    • ‘Careful examination developed the interesting fact that it was one of the rare shrew-moles known as the Gibbs Shrew-mole, the connecting link between the shrews and the moles.’