Definition of Shredded Wheat in English:

Shredded Wheat


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  • A breakfast cereal made of cooked wheat in long shreds which are pressed into biscuit form.

    • ‘They must have eaten their Shredded Wheat when they were growing up - with physiques like Roman Gods, they punch with brutal power.’
    • ‘I advertised them for a few years but I have to tell you that I've always eaten Shredded Wheat - and I'm not just saying that.’
    • ‘The lowest salt menu in the survey was a breakfast of fruit juice, Shredded Wheat with milk and one piece of toast with jam.’
    • ‘I normally have cereals like Shredded Wheat for breakfast, and I love milk.’
    • ‘In 1893, a Denver lawyer, H. D. Perky, who suffered from indigestion and had become converted to health foods, invented a completely different product: Shredded Wheat.’


Shredded Wheat

/ˈʃrɛdɪd ˌwiːt/