Definition of showtime in English:



  • 1The time at which a play, film, or concert is scheduled to begin.

    ‘it was five minutes to show ime and a huge roar went up from the audience’
    • ‘We arrived at 6: 13 pm, two minutes before show time.’
    • ‘I don't know if we'll get a chance before show time.’
    • ‘All patrons must be seated 15 minutes before show time.’
    • ‘For a long time attendees drifted in slowly but as show time approached, a pretty huge crowd forms waiting to have their IDs checked before they can get into the line on the red carpet to enter the security tent.’
    • ‘Guitarist Jeremy Hora spoke prior to show time about his bandmates, the pressure of living up to the expectations of such a successful debut, and his love for Gordie Johnson.’
    • ‘The record company reps turn up a half hour before show time.’
    • ‘By now it's less than an hour until show time and there isn't room to swing a mascara backstage so unsurprisingly Belinda laughs when I ask how she's coping.’
    • ‘Mark was nowhere to be found until five minutes before show time, when he and Ms. Malek gathered everyone in the hallway so the assembled audience wouldn't hear us.’
    • ‘And one night this year when it was near show time and he didn't have anything to do, he walked over to the Tickets booth and struck gold.’
    • ‘Whilst at first the Shakespearean tongue was hard to handle the talented young actors soon grasped it and are set to wow the audience come show time.’
    • ‘Shows are free, but remember to pick up passes a week before show time.’
    • ‘It's 30 minutes before show time and it's dark and surprisingly quiet backstage at the Gateway Theatre.’
    • ‘It is 15 minutes to show time and I've just had my first sight of the empty room.’
    1. 1.1 Used to signal the beginning of an event or process that is expected to be dramatic, decisive, or otherwise significant.
      • ‘But five minutes before show time on this early October morning, it's clear that Causey and Majerus haven't had much practice working the phone lines.’
      • ‘‘This broadcast debut is definitely show time for us,’ says Worley.’
      • ‘After a fortnight of opening statements, it's finally show time for the majority owner of the Seven Network, Kerry Stokes.’
      • ‘It's show time for the thirty drivers entered in the World Series by Renault, set to take part in their first two races this weekend.’
      • ‘When any female athlete is identified more often with lingerie than with workout wear, it's difficult to find a way to promote her as a serious contender when show time comes around.’
      • ‘We need to send a little message to your partner, then it's show time.’
      • ‘Ten minutes later Gino O'Boyle equalised and after that it was show time.’