Definition of shower in English:



  • 1A brief and usually light fall of rain, hail, sleet, or snow.

    ‘a day of sunny spells and scattered showers’
    • ‘Weather conditions could hardly have been worse for the event with a strong biting wind and frequent wintry showers of rain and hail putting a damper on proceedings.’
    • ‘The conditions had a major influence on this game with a strong, gusting wind blowing up the field, bringing with it freezing showers of rain and hail.’
    • ‘The capital is again bearing the brunt of the bitter weather with freezing winds, rain and hail showers.’
    • ‘Tomorrow's forecast is for a cold, windy day with some risk of sleet and hail showers, although the worst effects of the storm will have passed by 6am.’
    • ‘There will be good sunshine tomorrow but also a few hail, sleet or snow showers.’
    • ‘During the climb weather conditions deteriorated to such an extent that the group and their guides faced snow, sleet and rain showers during the ascent.’
    • ‘This would often bring showers of snow or rain, and sometime hail.’
    • ‘Paktia in eastern Afghanistan and Bamiyan in northern Afghanistan also received heavy showers of rain and snowfall after a long spell of drought and dry weather.’
    • ‘It was very cold with light snow showers, sleet and rain, but the pitch, despite being heavy, was in remarkably good condition.’
    • ‘The procession reached the Jubilee Field just as a brief shower of rain fell.’
    • ‘Frequently within just a few minutes, sunshine, heavy rain showers and hail storms occurred.’
    • ‘Such is the month of April, but be sure not to miss out between those squally showers of rain and sleet if a warmer spell arrives, no matter how brief.’
    • ‘This week's cloudier skies can be the start of a brief spell of light showers associated with the front approaching the Cape.’
    • ‘The weather-guessers had forecasted possible late-afternoon dust storms and light snow showers.’
    • ‘Thursday the weather was lousy with snow and sleet showers being forecast and some heavy falls of snow likely.’
    • ‘Forecasters said the milder weather should be on the way for the weekend, with snow showers probably turning to sleet and sunny spells across the region by tomorrow.’
    • ‘Biting winds, heavy rain, sleet showers and muddy underfoot conditions conspired to make life extremely difficult for the players.’
    • ‘Any wintry showers - hail, sleet and snow - will be restricted to the north west of the country, we might get them in northwest England and Wales.’
    • ‘The lower-lying southern part of the country was also expected to be affected by sleet and snow showers.’
    • ‘The subtropical climate brings lots of sunshine and brief, intense rain showers.’
    fall, light fall, drizzle, flurry, sprinkling, mizzle
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    1. 1.1 A mass of small things falling or moving at the same time.
      ‘a shower of dust sprinkled his face’
      • ‘A shower of tiny green leaves fell on my windshield, mixed with a flock of birds high above, both seeming the same size, and falling in the same arc.’
      • ‘Another shattering sound, this one as the glass sliding door that led out to the backyard exploded inward in a shower of glass and metal.’
      • ‘A picture slid sideways from the wall and exploded in a shower of glass.’
      • ‘Another guard discharged his weapon, sending a shower of sparks falling from the ceiling.’
      • ‘A volley of stones crashed through a nearby window, followed by a shower of glass and a woman's wail.’
      • ‘There was a crack of sharp thunder as the bullets plunged from their silver caves, and a shower of shells fell to the ground simultaneously.’
      • ‘It was not unusual then to see a shower of swirling blossoms fall softly on the hair of many a beautiful girl as she made her way to the dancing board.’
      • ‘Then suddenly, a shower of snowflakes fell from above.’
      • ‘The dream had ended suddenly and without warning with a shower of white feathers falling upon the ocean.’
      • ‘The blossom opened and a shower of blue dust fell to the ground from it.’
      • ‘I didn't usually get on that well with her, but there we were, having a perfectly civil chat - when the back door exploded in a shower of glass and wood.’
      • ‘As she turned to Natalie a loud crashing noise followed by a shower of glass filled the air.’
      • ‘A shower of sparks fell around him, hissing against his clothes, stinging his eyes.’
      • ‘One day, a shower of gold fell through the opening and Zeus impregnated her with a son who would be named Perseus.’
      • ‘I know I can have my breath taken away by a shower of color falling from the sky.’
      • ‘Inside the blackened wall of the cottage something fell over and sent a shower of sparks into the sky.’
      • ‘A shower of stone fell down onto the figure, but it ignored the rocks and continued to drill into the ceiling above it.’
      • ‘A shower of seeds inevitably falls from the canopy, but biological control agents will feed on and suppress any new seedlings.’
      • ‘A shower of glass fell over Leon large head, and his eyes turned white, falling deeply unconscious.’
      • ‘Suddenly a shower of knives fell upon the guards and stopped several of the.’
      volley, cascade, hail, rain, storm, salvo, bombardment, barrage, fusillade, broadside, cannonade
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    2. 1.2 A large number of things happening or given at the same time.
      ‘a shower of awards’
      • ‘While I had kept him at a distance during his shower of offers, Ken considered me a friend.’
      • ‘What followed was a near riot and a shower of bottles, plastic seats and several other pieces of debris heading his way.’
      • ‘Never before has a parody of a mini-series been more poised for showers of accolades.’
      • ‘He was beaten to the floor, where he cowered and tried to protect himself from the shower of blows.’
      • ‘If The Band Wagon does get to Broadway, she's a cinch for a shower of awards.’
      • ‘As my mom drove me home, after an embarrassing shower of kisses at the bus station, she chattered on and on about how boring her life was without me.’
      • ‘Traders fear a shower of tickets may descend on them after private contractors take over parking enforcement in Stroud.’
      • ‘He can probably count on showers of cash from enthusiastic legions of small-dollar donors, and that's an important start.’
      avalanche, deluge, rush, flood, spate, torrent, cluster, flurry, wave, outbreak, outpouring
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    3. 1.3 A group of particles produced by a cosmic-ray particle in the earth's atmosphere.
      • ‘When those slam into Earth's atmosphere, they generate showers of visible-light photons.’
      • ‘Because most meteors in a shower are tiny, there is little threat to spacecraft, and virtually none to people on the ground.’
      • ‘More unusual applications are to topics such as the theory of cosmic ray showers.’
      • ‘A key turning point in church history was caused by a meteorite shower, Swedish geologists have claimed.’
      • ‘The meteors that produce these showers are only about 1mm in diameter, which makes it even more amazing.’
      • ‘They are said to have come to Earth during the 1920's while a meteor shower was going on.’
      • ‘They could also annihilate each other in space, creating showers of ordinary particles.’
      • ‘The shower begins gently in mid-July when Earth enters the edge of a cloud of debris from Comet Swift-Tuttle.’
      • ‘The sky is an energetically brushed jubilation of blobby stars, comet showers and the Hale-Bopp comet itself.’
      • ‘The cosmic dust detector recorded two micrometeoroid showers in September and December.’
      • ‘Many complex particle showers are produced in such interactions.’
      • ‘They monitored cosmic-ray showers and seismic disturbances at each site.’
      • ‘See this earlier post for an upcoming opportunity to listen for meteors; the Geminid shower is another.’
      • ‘Leonid meteor showers are known as the king of meteor showers: these showers are the most spectacular of all.’
      • ‘That is when the side of Earth you stand on faces the oncoming stream of debris that creates the shower.’
      • ‘But the main attraction will be a spectacular shower of shooting stars, caused by the asteroid Phaethon passing close to the sun.’
      • ‘The Geminid meteor shower is one of the best annual showers.’
      • ‘The night sky should be exploding with celestial activity as one of the most impressive shooting star showers of the year takes place this week.’
  • 2A cubicle or bath in which a person stands under a spray of water to wash.

    ‘all rooms have private shower and WC’
    • ‘Legionnaires disease is usually contracted by inhaling water mist from baths, showers and cooling towers or air conditioning systems contaminated with the bacteria.’
    • ‘I welcomed the soothing feeling of the water sliding off me and just stood under the shower, soaking in the fresh scent of the soap and water.’
    • ‘The bathroom also has a bath and an electric shower.’
    • ‘A tall slim black headed woman stood in the shower washing herself off after her day of work.’
    • ‘All 108 bedrooms have a private bath and or shower and WC, television, telephone, radio and hairdryer.’
    • ‘He stood in the shower, feeling the hot water wash down his body.’
    • ‘Angel had instantly stripped her clothes and now stood under the shower letting the warm water rush over her body.’
    • ‘The Hilton provides immaculately clean and private showers and changing rooms, with complimentary robe, slippers and towels.’
    • ‘The fully tiled en suite bathroom includes an electric shower, wash basin set in a ceramic storage unit and a toilet.’
    • ‘As he stood in the shower with the warm water pouring over his body, he thought long and hard about everything.’
    • ‘The building has a small lift and the rooms have running water, baths and hot showers and the caretaker has a television.’
    • ‘One large bathroom, with enough room for a stand-alone bath and a shower, will offer you much more comfort than two smaller ones.’
    • ‘The clubhouse has a bar with a large TV screen, changing rooms with hot showers, and the stand for spectators is comfortable.’
    • ‘These thoughts passed through my mind as I stood waiting for the shower to run warm enough for a bath.’
    • ‘Graywater recycling funnels water from baths, showers and sinks into the garden, where action by plant roots breaks it down.’
    • ‘I stood under the shower and let cool water run through my hair and down my body.’
    • ‘Volunteers are asked to provide a spare room, a warm evening meal, a shower or bath, clean clothes, and facilities to wash their clothes.’
    • ‘He argued that people needed to do more with ‘greywater’ - the water from showers and washing.’
    • ‘Its white suite includes a bath with overhead electric shower and a wash hand basin with vanity unit.’
    • ‘Standing under the shower and had hoped that the water would wash away some of the pain that he was experiencing.’
    1. 2.1 The apparatus in a shower that produces the spray of water.
      ‘she turned off the shower and reached for a towel’
      • ‘Without leaving her lips alone, he reached down to turn on the shower, expertly adjusting the water.’
      • ‘So, I sat on the edge of the bath, swung my legs over the side, switched on the taps and reached for the shower head.’
      • ‘The gentle hum of the shower slowly vibrated the particles from her body where they were absorbed by the thin mist forming near her feet.’
      • ‘Instead, he stood under the shower spray and let the water beat at his warn muscles.’
      • ‘He sighed and turned off the shower, reaching for the towel his steward left next to the door.’
      • ‘We slept well and paid a warden who appeared in the morning to clean out the perfectly clean showers and toilets.’
      • ‘The unfortunate victim tries to warm up the icy cold water by adding more and more hot water, until the hot water finally reaches the shower head.’
      • ‘The family bathroom is fully tiled and consists of a bath with electric wall shower, pedestal wash basin, bidet and toilet.’
      • ‘The faint sound of the shower reached him as he continued through the downstairs cutting off lights and setting the coffee maker.’
    2. 2.2US An act of washing oneself in a shower.
      ‘she had a nice refreshing shower’
      • ‘I tested it by taking a shower while the washing machine and dishwasher were both running and still had plenty.’
      • ‘I've had two cold showers and a bath, I've been downing cold water all day, and I'm sitting here by the window breaking into a sweat.’
      • ‘She finished her refreshing shower and stepped out of the bathroom.’
      • ‘Deciding that I didn't have time for a shower, I simply washed my face with cold water and then hastily applied fresh makeup.’
      • ‘A personal trainer will set up and design a programme suited to your needs, and you can relax afterwards and enjoy the sauna and a refreshing shower.’
      • ‘Apply moisturizers right after taking a bath or shower or after washing your face.’
      • ‘Watched by hundreds of devotees, the ritual would begin at 11.30 a.m. with a grand shower bath for all the 51 elephants.’
      • ‘The basic things like having a shower instead of a bath can help toward saving water.’
      • ‘Other things include only using the right amount of water when boiling a kettle and having baths instead of showers.’
      • ‘She took a shower, washing the water from the fall off herself and stepped out.’
      • ‘But above all, people want to take a bath, a shower, wash themselves - and of course be given decent sanitation systems.’
      • ‘I headed off for a shower, but the washing facilities were communal and one of the researchers had beaten me to it.’
      • ‘Use warm water and limit bath time. Hot water and long showers or baths remove even more oil.’
      • ‘A refreshing shower was just the trick for her big day today.’
      • ‘Have a cool shower bath or a sponge bath when the temperature is high.’
      • ‘Ena Kiely, 61, died of the disease after contracting it while taking a shower in a private room.’
      • ‘Moisturizers also fill in and fortify gaps between skin cells caused by overzealous washing or hot showers.’
      • ‘Make sure that you take a bath or shower regularly and wash your face every morning to remove dirt and dead skin cells.’
      • ‘As he toweled off from a refreshing shower, Ben thought about the job hunting he would begin that Monday, and what a challenge it was going to be.’
      • ‘Get into having lots of showers and baths and washing your hands frequently to cut down on germs and reduce the transmission of illnesses like colds and flu.’
  • 3British informal in singular A group of people perceived as incompetent or worthless.

    ‘look at this lot—what a shower!’
  • 4North American often with modifier A party at which presents are given to someone, typically a woman who is about to get married or have a baby.

    ‘she loved going to baby showers’
    • ‘It occurred right after Stacy's surprise baby shower at my house.’
    • ‘You could even write part of your baby poems in backward for a Winnie the pooh baby shower.’
    • ‘Decorations for Noah's ark themed baby showers are in abundance.’
    • ‘I have finished knitting the little matinee jacket and matching cap for the Wednesday baby shower.’
    • ‘One of the biggest challenges for planning a baby shower or any other party is picking the right food.’
    • ‘Then we had to go and pick out presents for a baby shower and we decided that we would split the cost of the gifts.’
    • ‘This is the book that belongs at baby showers everywhere and beyond that in the hands of any man or woman who has an interest in what makes a healthy happy family.’
    • ‘She had to smile to herself when she remembered the kitchen at the Morton's and the strawberries at her mother's baby shower.’
    • ‘I guess in a way the get together was a kind of late baby shower.’
    • ‘To make the party more momentous, you can make a surprise baby shower for the guest of honor.’
    • ‘I was leaving my aunt's baby shower and my mom asked me to go back in for her coat.’
    • ‘Going to my sister-in-law's baby shower wasn't exactly my idea of a well-spent afternoon.’
    • ‘Audrey always seem to be going to teas, hunting parties, picnics and baby showers.’
    • ‘Pam's baby shower was the week after next.’
    • ‘But soon after Jay was shot, she put her dream baby shower on hold.’
    • ‘Will the mother-to-be know of the party, or will you be having a surprise baby shower?’
    • ‘Yesterday I left work to go to a going away party for a friend of mine but in fact, it was a surprise baby shower!’
    • ‘She is the author of many well written and informative articles about baby showers.’
    • ‘There are so many great ideas for making your gifts for baby showers.’
    • ‘They were planning a surprise baby shower for later that night.’


  • 1no object, with adverbial of direction (of a mass of small things) fall or be thrown in a shower.

    ‘bits of broken glass showered over me’
    • ‘We also got a rare treat for the month of July; a heavy shower of hailstones.’
    • ‘A true professional, Katherine just carried on singing, even as tiny shards of glass showered around her.’
    • ‘Glass showered onto her, cutting her face and arms.’
    • ‘Even after the confetti showered over and around us, I still couldn't force my eyes away from his.’
    • ‘Two small planes were flying through the gap showering bird seed down on to the ground.’
    • ‘Suddenly the crystal windows broke, and glass showered over them, but while Farial and Donael tried to cover, Marael stared at the pair.’
    • ‘This shattered the glass pane that showered and cut the two women.’
    • ‘In seconds, she found herself pinned to the floor and having piles of old balloons, crepe paper, and confetti showered over her.’
    • ‘A young woman enjoying a drink in a Longridge pub was showered with broken glass when Phillip put his fist through a window.’
    • ‘The shower of gold coins once more falls into your hand.’
    • ‘Confetti showered down and got caught in her hair like multi-coloured flakes of snow.’
    • ‘They dived onto the ground as the glass showered over the contents of the room.’
    • ‘He didn't even have time to lift his gun before the assassin sent a bullet through the windshield of the car next to him, and Ben dove to the ground as glass showered over his head and more bullets whizzed past.’
    • ‘The pitch cut up badly while shortly before throw-in we had a heavy shower of hailstones.’
    • ‘Michelle felt the painful sting as shards of glass showered over her, shattering upon the impact of Anna's body.’
    • ‘Though we are showering benefits and promotions on the officers at the higher echelons, the case of the grassroots level forest official who is the real protectors of wildlife, is often neglected.’
    • ‘The path into the park was showered with broken glass.’
    • ‘Hopefully, Leon will make it back to the NBA for good and someday maybe he will be the one getting showered in confetti.’
    • ‘Beams of lights showered through the glass windows of the bank ending in a pattern of dots that resembled constellations in the sky.’
    • ‘Glass shards showered down on his cat that meowed ruefully at him and sulked away.’
    • ‘It was an innocent query posed as a sea of coloured confetti showered down on to the Parkhead pitch.’
    • ‘I took the flimsy song words on paper and ripped them up, till coloured confetti showered on my legs and hands.’
    • ‘They were showered with broken glass when the stones hit windows on the two-car, diesel unit, but the train's conductor was able to give them first aid and they were able to continue their journey.’
    • ‘He had put his hands up to shield his face as the windows of the carriage caved in, showering everyone with broken glass.’
    rain, fall, drizzle, spray, mizzle, hail
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    1. 1.1with object and adverbial of direction Cause (a mass of small things) to fall in a shower.
      ‘his hooves showered sparks across the concrete floor’
      • ‘Huge flares shot out across the water, showering the surface in a fountain of white-hot sparks, and quite wisely the ducks were off again.’
      • ‘Then it urinated, showering the other animals in the cage.’
      • ‘David pushed himself up on his left forearm, showering tinkling ice cubes around him as the towel fell off his face.’
      • ‘In the afternoon the young Maharajah rode on his elephant, showering gold and silver coins on jubilant crowds of his subjects.’
      • ‘On days like this I dream of wrenching the machine from the sockets and hauling it off my desk, showering useless pieces of paper and coffee cups and disks all over the cheap government carpet.’
      • ‘Plasma charges struck the table, showering the two women in sparks, sending them to the floor.’
      • ‘Lights flickered, showering the ground with sparks.’
      • ‘We have reports today of Iraqi citizens dancing in the streets, showering our service men and women with flowers, kisses and expressions of gratitude.’
      • ‘Some tracks shower the circle with confetti when the driver gets out of his car.’
      • ‘Onlookers who had gathered hoping to see the future of postal deliveries were showered with singed letters falling from the sky.’
      • ‘Instead, the attack crashed into the ground scorching it and sending an explosive shower of dust up into the air.’
      • ‘The line reflexively crouched in anticipation of the shower of shrapnel.’
      • ‘With a blood curdling scream the creatures dove from the dawning sky, their deadly talons showering sparks as they raked along the steel shields.’
      • ‘During the tung blossom season, when the wind blows, onlookers are often showered with tung blossoms falling from the trees.’
      • ‘Little Kara McLaughlin suffered severe burns to her face and left hand when a firework in her garden exploded, showering her in hot sparks.’
      • ‘The light fixtures in the hallway blew out in brilliant flashes of red and yellow, showering the hallway with sparks, and cracks appeared in the walls on either side of the dying Guard.’
      • ‘Over the next few nights, when you're watching the fireworks shower sparks across the sky, spare a moment to remember, remember the fifth of November.’
      • ‘If you could get a kite's eye view of this place, dotting the scene would be these intense spots of orange or blue flame, showering sparks about.’
      • ‘The heavy rain which had showered the course for 36 hours finally relented for the third round and left the fearsome Bethpage Black course more receptive to below-par scoring.’
      • ‘Sparks flew out from underneath, showering the road with red-hot metallic pieces.’
    2. 1.2shower someone withwith object Throw (a number of things) all at once towards someone.
      ‘hooligans showered him with rotten eggs’
      • ‘People were thrown onto the coach ceiling and the shattering windows showered them with broken glass.’
      • ‘Subsequently, the witnesses said, Rhodes allegedly showered her with pepper spray, threw her against the wall, kneed her in the head as she knelt on the ground and struck her head on the ground while holding her hair.’
    3. 1.3shower someone withwith object Give someone a great number of (things)
      ‘he showered her with kisses’
      • ‘While showering Taylor with jewels worth a king's ransom, he also gave generously to friends such as Smith.’
      • ‘I remember it, the overwhelming wonderfully pure love that she showered me with.’
      • ‘Russo, who played treacherous Carlo in ‘The Godfather,’ will be seen in ‘Growing Up Gotti’ tonight, showering Victoria with roses, chocolates and even an impromptu love song in a crowded restaurant.’
      • ‘Last night at the show in Goettingen, we showered Zann with paper-shredder confetti.’
      • ‘Stop measuring your value as a friend in terms of the services you provide and the things you can give her, and stop showering her with - well, everything.’
      • ‘The couple then moved to the romantic setting of the Commons terrace, before George showered Caroline with gifts: a box of parliamentary mints, a House of Commons teddy bear and a copy of his book.’
      • ‘In other words, if you got money, just sit still and you will be showered with more.’
      • ‘The couple dined in a £1,000-a-night suite at the Malmaison Hotel in Manchester, were waited on by a personal butler and Gascoigne showered Sheryl with gifts.’
      • ‘Is it any wonder they showered him with $188 million?’
      • ‘Akra Jr frequently showers Li'l Bhaji with hugs and kisses, delights in getting his little brother to giggle at him.’
      • ‘The court heard how Scott showered Mrs O'Brien with flowers and persuaded her to let him live with her.’
      • ‘The merchant and his wife showered Irina with gifts, but she was always sad.’
      • ‘Liza showered Sadie with gifts to alleviate her feelings of long-standing guilt that she had become a star and Sadie hadn't.’
      • ‘Some might argue that showering Afghanistan with food rather than bombs would create an incentive for further acts of terror.’
      • ‘The soft moonlight highlighted the shadows of his handsome face, revealing the loving gaze that he was showering her with.’
      • ‘Alex's mother and father showered him with more love after his friend's death and began to realize that being himself was enough.’
      • ‘Sally exclaimed and started showering Hollet with kisses before he carried her back into their bedroom.’
      • ‘He has claimed each of us as his own and wants to shower us with all the abundant riches he has to offer.’
      • ‘Female admirers showered Joe with a variety of panties, thongs and even a pair of bloomers and a bra as he belted out a succession of instantly recognisable Dolan chart-toppers spanning - would you believe - four decades.’
      • ‘Like every father who can't stand to be around his son, He showered John with gifts like surround-sound speakers and a Jaguar car.’
      deluge, flood, inundate, swamp, submerge, engulf, bury
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    4. 1.4shower something on/upon Give a great number of things to (someone)
      ‘the government showered praise on the young volunteers’
      • ‘The sane people of the world saw it purely as a piece of comic genius, and showered awards upon the badly-drawn comedy.’
      • ‘He also recognized me, congratulated my brother and showered his blessing upon me.’
      • ‘The functions were not rituals to merely shower gifts on the birthday boy.’
      • ‘By showering favours on Elizabeth's relatives, Edward began to build up a faction to counter Warwick.’
      • ‘Pupils from the Harwich School and five primary schools joined in the custom, which represents the newly-elected mayor showering his blessings on the children.’
      • ‘Hillary forgives him and then Bill showers gifts upon her in gratitude.’
      • ‘It must have certainly helped him to shower benefits on his beloved city.’
      • ‘But his language mistakes were no barriers as kids and elders alike wanted to hear the man as he showered gifts on them.’
      • ‘He showered praises on the union parliamentary minister saying he enjoys the full support of Congress men in the state.’
      • ‘She consumed lavishly herself, showered expensive gifts on her dealers, and promoted Tupperware as part of an affluent suburban lifestyle.’
      • ‘The preposterous image of a benign West showering its goods on a grateful Africa / India / Indochina/wherever would surely have no purchase in a society where informed debate was the daily order.’
      • ‘Muthuraman, who has over 100 films behind him, set the tone for the function, showering praises on Balachander, and the superstar Rajnikanth rounded it off.’
      • ‘In that passage, God promises to shower blessings on those who bless the ‘great nation’ sired by the Hebrew patriarch Abraham.’
      • ‘Ward showered gifts on his lover, who worked at Disney World in Florida, and flew to America's Sunshine State at least four times to visit him.’
      • ‘Smart lawyers sheltered the family fortune so well that it still showers funds on successive generations.’
      • ‘The cow showers blessings on you as any business dealings with milk and milk-products bring profits.’
      • ‘Those august bodies showered thanks on the Vatican and the World Council of Churches for their invaluable support to the cause.’
      • ‘Everyone has just showered their love on us and given us their thoughts about Lisa.’
      • ‘After 1247, however, Henry began showering favours upon his half-brothers, the sons of his mother, Isabella of Angouleme.’
      • ‘Like the auntie who showers gifts on her niece in order to be loved, but provides no guidance or bases for growth and maturation of the child.’
      lavish, pour, load, heap, bestow freely
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  • 2no object Wash oneself in a shower.

    ‘she showered and went down to breakfast’
    • ‘Apply an emollient cream or ointment after washing, bathing or showering and between baths or showers, as often as necessary.’
    • ‘There is water downstairs but none upstairs in the house so they can't shower or use the toilet.’
    • ‘The device is worn continuously 24 hours a day, except when the wearer is bathing or showering.’
    • ‘Irritants can get trapped beneath rings, which should be taken off when showering, washing hands or doing chores.’
    • ‘The girl must be awake, and she must have been showering and washing her blood-speckled jeans.’
    • ‘Skin brushing could be done just before bathing or showering to stimulate the lymphatic system.’
    • ‘Keep affected skin clean and dry, taking extra care when drying yourself after bathing or showering.’
    • ‘Returning to her master's cabin, Tanj showered, and washed her hair.’
    • ‘She washed her hair with Pert Plus and quickly finished showering.’
    • ‘I went and showered, did my makeup and my hair then got dressed.’
    • ‘My mom had made us taco salad, which we washed down with Northwest beers, and showered & hit the hay for a scant five hours of sleep.’
    • ‘Use after hand washing or bathing / showering and between baths or showers as often as necessary.’
    • ‘The nurse tells the patient that the wound dressing can be removed for showering and that the patient can get the sutures wet while showering or washing his or her hair.’
    • ‘General water usage, like showering daily or washing up after each meal, could become rare luxuries, let alone watering the garden or washing the car.’
    • ‘He showered and washed his face with his rag.’
    • ‘Rising from the bed he quickly showered, washing thoughts of last night down the drain along with sweat, grime and shampoo.’
    • ‘I cleaned and scrubbed, washed and purified, showered and bathed and sponged and splashed.’
    • ‘We use about 2 gallons each for showering, and we wash dishes twice a day, which usually takes about 5 gallons.’
    • ‘Water for basic household tasks like washing, showering and toilet facilities proved impossible when the taps in more than 200 households suddenly went dry.’
    • ‘She showered quickly and then dressed into the same clothes once again, since they hadn't been dirtied since she put them on.’


  • send someone to the showers

    • informal Send off or eject someone from a match, race, or contest.

      • ‘He works the team for an hour or so, then sends them to the showers.’
      • ‘Plate umpire Bill Miller and second base umpire Joe West noticed what they were doing and sent Day to the showers for violating rule 8.02 that prohibits a pitcher from putting a foreign substance on his fingers.’
      • ‘A loud chorus of boos rained down on Guinn in rounds 8,9 and 10 for his inability send Banks to the showers early.’
      • ‘More likely than not, they will be sent to the showers early and rise up again - that ‘survivalist-at-all-costs’ strain of thinking always rises after a fall - at some other point in the near future.’
      • ‘Wayne Bremser - he of the Matthew Barney vs Donkey Kong fame - sends me to the showers thus.’
  • I (or he, she, etc.) didn't come down in the last shower

    • informal Used to indicate that one (or another person) is not foolish or gullible.

      ‘she did not come down in the last shower; she knew exactly what she was doing’
      • ‘He must think we all came down in the last shower if he expects anyone to believe that assertion.’
      • ‘Nobody who didn't come down in the last shower and has seen what drink can do to people needs an explanation for why they die at 45.’
      • ‘I may look young for my age, but I didn't come down in the last shower.’
      • ‘"We didn't come down in the last shower," he said, "This is a commercial dispute dressed up in policy terms."’
      • ‘We did not come down in the last shower like that junior member did.’
      • ‘I told him how much it cost, hoping he would approve of the money going to charity, but all he could say to that was: "Did you come down in the last shower?"’
      • ‘The politicians are telling us the murder rates are dropping; they must think we all came down in the last shower.’
      • ‘You fellas who lie in the train with your feet on the seat sipping out of an amber bottle in a paper bag: do you think we came down in the last shower?’
      • ‘She is a staunch lady who didn't come down in the last shower.’
      • ‘He described that Mr Cosgrave as someone "who hadn't come down in the last shower".’


Old English scūr ‘light fall of rain, hail, etc.’, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch schoer and German Schauer.