Definition of show cause in English:

show cause


  • Produce satisfactory grounds for application of (or exemption from) a procedure or penalty.

    ‘a notice to show cause why there should not be a committal to prison’
    attributive ‘show-cause notice’
    • ‘On 3 June 1999 the Board wrote to Mr and Mrs Mann requiring them to show cause within 14 days why their legal aid certificates should not be revoked.’
    • ‘In January 1994 the auditor published his provisional findings and the notices to show cause why the ten persons should not be surcharged.’
    • ‘The show cause notice asks why the directors should not be removed, since the bank's financial position has deteriorated and non-performing assets have mounted.’
    • ‘The draft order nisi that has been filed specifies five grounds on which the respondents are to be called on to show cause.’
    • ‘He said when soldiers were found to be involved with illegal drugs they would normally be issued a notice to show cause as to why they should not be discharged.’
    • ‘1 am giving you 28 days notice to show cause why you should not be expelled.’
    • ‘The court gave the students until March 24 to show cause why the order should not be made final.’