Definition of shovel-spear in English:



  • An Aboriginal weapon with a wooden shaft and a rounded head made of used metal.

    ‘the men jumped to their feet and reached for shovel-spears’
    • ‘They used to have that shovel-spear, and an axe for sugar beet, a long time ago.’
    • ‘I pulled out my shovel spear and hid myself in the bushes.’
    • ‘He chucked one shovel spear, a big long one too, and hit the woman right in the kidney.’
    • ‘He put his big shovel spear down underneath the grass and looked around himself.’
    • ‘The Aborigines generally use a spear-thrower and a shovel-spear.’
    • ‘It gave him time to grab his big shovel spear and roll into a sitting posture.’
    • ‘They would be all along the road with their shovel spears, tomahawks, and fire sticks.’
    • ‘He ambushed him from behind with a shovel-spear.’