Definition of shoulder pad in English:

shoulder pad


  • 1A shaped pad sewn into the shoulder of a garment to provide bulk and shape.

    • ‘The songs are anthems for those bedecked in shoulder pads and leg warmers, and yet again it seems that what goes around comes around.’
    • ‘Outer fabric, interfacings, linings, shoulder pads, and finishes all react differently when washed.’
    • ‘To make your upper body look more muscular, wear small shoulder pads in your blazers, jackets and sports jackets.’
    • ‘He was wearing a large black cloak, with the a flag stitched onto the right shoulder pad.’
    • ‘Fine-tune the shoulder pad position in a garment.’
    • ‘I cannot imagine women nowadays wearing that floral dress - especially with the shoulder pads!’
    • ‘Jacket lapels, shoulder pads and waist tapering emphasize the strong upper body of a male.’
    • ‘Another way to optically broaden your shoulders is to wear suits and jackets with discreet shoulder pads.’
    • ‘The purpose of shoulder pads is to square out your shoulders and to help your suit hang properly.’
    • ‘Today she's wearing a military-style blazer that could well be harbouring a pair of shoulder pads.’
    • ‘Especially in New York, where people are focusing on bad '80s fashion, like shoulder pads and leg warmers.’
    • ‘In the Seventies and Eighties the ‘Selnec’ orange bus was just as familiar on the streets of Greater Manchester as flares, tank tops and shoulder pads.’
    • ‘Opt for jackets with a natural shoulder and avoid ones with shoulder pads - in some cases, the pads can be removed for a better fit.’
    • ‘Have you considered shoulder pads and epaulettes?’
    • ‘So it was only a matter of time before shoulder pads, designer jeans, leg warmers, wide belts, layered peasant skirts and big, broad, blowout hair started to look good to us again.’
    • ‘Round out the neckline with necklaces, scarves and other accessories, and use shoulder pads.’
    • ‘I want to be a ‘good’ lawyer, not a bad lawyer who helps the rich get richer and wears a suit with shoulder pads.’
    • ‘If the garment has shoulder pads, pin them in place on the inside of the pinned garment.’
    • ‘The car went backwards and I grabbed the car seat and the shoulder pad of his jacket.’
    • ‘The image might be one of shoulder pads, swimsuits, big hair and bigger make-up - but Miss York is back and is looking to crown a new city champion.’
    1. 1.1 A hard protective pad for the shoulders used in certain sports, such as ice hockey and American football.
      • ‘Rogers, who is returning from a broken right collarbone, wears a rubber shoulder pad during workouts as a precaution.’
      • ‘I went to the locker room and slipped into my shoulder pads and helmet.’
      • ‘But any day now I expect to receive a photo of Satch wearing a football helmet and shoulder pads.’
      • ‘For two years, he wore a ‘Michigan State Grandma’ T-shirt under his shoulder pads to honor his late grandmother, Louise Elliott.’
      • ‘The only problem is that Schulters' helmet still hasn't hit Ward's, and the replays clearly showed it was a clean hit with his shoulder pad.’
      • ‘She smiled and brushed some grass off my shoulder pad.’
      • ‘He rarely is penalized because he seldom touches an opponent above the shoulder pads.’
      • ‘When Taylor reached the sideline, doctors knew from simply reaching under his shoulder pads that Taylor's season was over.’
      • ‘Nike has designed a vest to be worn under shoulder pads that is supposed to keep players cool during hot games.’
      • ‘There, taped to the back of his shoulder pads, was a newspaper article with the headline: ‘Doss does it for Mom.’’
      • ‘The Mayor's first official engagement, last Friday saw him swap his robes and chains for shoulder pads and an American football shirt.’
      • ‘For example, there's no evidence that shoulder pads in football prevent injuries since guys just hit harder than ever.’
      • ‘He pulled his jersey and shoulder pads over his head, peeked out through the hole where his head had been and said, ‘Ten points.’’
      • ‘I don't want him running around an American football field in shoulder pads and a helmet.’
      • ‘After practices, Johnson happily fulfills his rookie tasks, carrying the shoulder pads of veterans to the locker room.’
      • ‘I was there on the sideline in shoulder pads and my leather helmet.’
      • ‘The league also might want to do something about the oversized chest protectors and shoulder pads.’
      • ‘The only sound he is aware of is his shoulder pads thumping against his torso as he dashes downfield.’
      • ‘When the game ended and we went to the locker room I threw off my shirt and shoulder pads.’
      • ‘If he does participate, Rogers likely will wear a rubber shoulder pad to reduce the impact of any incidental hits.’


shoulder pad