Definition of shoulder knot in English:

shoulder knot


  • A knot of ribbon, metal, or lace worn as part of a ceremonial dress.

    • ‘Glossy fellows the males were, in jetty coats with red, gold-bordered shoulder knots.’
    • ‘The officers pictured in this photograph are wearing the Chapeau cover and shoulder knots.’
    • ‘In lieu of epaulettes, all officers wore Russian shoulder knots of gold cord.’
    • ‘The two troops each had a different colour neckerchief and each patrol wore a different colour shoulder knot.’
    • ‘The last, in addition, have facings of garter blue silk velvet, shoulder knots of treble twisted cord cord with blue eyes bearing silver embroidered grenades; sleeve knots traced in and out with Russia gold braid and the skits lined with white kerseymere.’