Definition of shoulder bag in English:

shoulder bag


  • A bag with a long strap that is hung over the shoulder.

    • ‘He carried a black shoulder bag, which anyone could imagine contained a lot of interesting secrets.’
    • ‘He was last seen wearing a large green jacket and carrying a shoulder bag with a camera and a tripod inside.’
    • ‘Now a burgundy-coloured shoulder bag which the man stole from his latest victim last Friday has been recovered.’
    • ‘I stuff it into my small shoulder bag and look back at the list.’
    • ‘Woolley has admitted manslaughter, but denies theft of a shoulder bag.’
    • ‘Last Wednesday, as I was getting off the bus, the strap on my shoulder bag snapped.’
    • ‘With my charge cards locked up and only pocket change in my shoulder bag, I wasn't going to do anything more than window shop.’
    • ‘Fur is in, as are eyebrows plucked razor-thin and yappy little dogs which you can carry around in your shoulder bag.’
    • ‘Everything a DJ needs can be carried in a shoulder bag and just plugged into a broadcasting system to be operational.’
    • ‘Holding the strap of her shoulder bag with her right hand, she made her way out.’
    • ‘He rifles repeatedly through a black shoulder bag.’
    • ‘Of course I reached for my tiny camera, snug in its pouch on the strap of my shoulder bag, but already it was too late.’
    • ‘She grabbed a pinch of light green herbs out of a pouch she had in her shoulder bag.’
    • ‘John Butcher, prosecuting, said Simpson tripped the woman from behind and grabbed her shoulder bag.’
    • ‘She was pulled to the ground when a man jumped from a stolen blue Peugeot and grabbed her shoulder bag.’
    • ‘Anastasia set the picture down on her nightstand and picked up her shoulder bag that was covered with patches of bands she liked.’
    • ‘The brothers finally succeeded in thrusting the fleece into a shoulder bag and left the store.’
    • ‘When the terrified victim handed over her khaki shoulder bag, the offenders fled in different directions.’
    • ‘I set the shoulder bag on the table, stopping to adjust the bra straps tighter in a very unladylike twisting of my body.’
    • ‘She strapped the one shoulder bag over herself and walked outside alone.’


shoulder bag