Definition of shot to pieces (or to hell) in English:

shot to pieces (or to hell)


  • Ruined.

    ‘the day already looks shot to hell, and it's not even noon’
    • ‘‘But I can't have one because my immune systems is shot to pieces,’ he said.’
    • ‘I think what's very, very serious is that we have a Prime Minister whose credibility has been shot to pieces.’
    • ‘His confidence is shot to pieces with even his trademark free-kicks, once among the best in Europe, more likely to threaten row ‘Z’ than the opposition goal.’
    • ‘Well from the looks of it your internal procedures are shot to pieces.’
    • ‘At the moment, our self-righteous claim that we are here to ensure accountability is so hypocritical it's our credibility that's shot to pieces.’
    • ‘It has led us to ruin; it is morally corrupt and its credibility is shot to pieces.’
    • ‘If his credibility is shot to pieces on immigration, it hurts his credibility across the front.’
    • ‘My sleep patterns are shot to hell: 9.30 pm to 6 am.’
    • ‘He said: ‘I think the whole principle of local network providers has been shot to pieces.’’
    • ‘I guess what remains of the transatlantic tourism business is shot to pieces now.’